Your Morning Fix: ‘15 million people will need chemo yearly by 2040’, why you should update WhatsApp

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Your Morning Fix: ‘15 million people will need chemo yearly by 2040’, why you should update WhatsApp

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Your Morning Fix for May 15, 2019

SC grants bail to BJP neta arrested for Mamata meme

Why you should update your WhatsApp urgently

Global demand for chemo will more than double by 2040

One dead in anti-Muslim riots in Sri Lanka


Editor, Lead Writer and Narrator: Smitha Nair
Video Editors and Animators: Crystelle Rita Nunes, Anmol Kanojia, Sanjeev Nair
Writer and Producer: Shayonnita Mallik
Producer: Shibika Suresh
Executive Producer: Sannuta Raghu


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27 thoughts

27 thoughts

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  1. Yup freedom of speech is just on books here in India, brutally find loopholes and arrest a women who just trolled Mamta this is just dictatorship with added flavours of democracy

  2. Have Indian courts ever heard of free speech?

  3. Vin ay said:

    Would like to listen on podcast
    Plz add on podcast

  4. Presstitude Scroll why not talks about West Bengal violence by TMC goons????

  5. Ganesh said:

    Scroll prove's why people call it a propaganda portal….
    According to scroll & team nothing happen in West-Bengal yeasterday .
    Today every news channel/portal crying out loud about mamtas's dictatorship Bengal ,
    & Scroll is act like nothing happened… Presstitutes !!!!

  6. Please don't keep changing the voice
    This ones just fine

  7. That KFC man is a goddamn genius.

  8. بہت بہت خوب ایکس پلینیشن

  9. It's scary to be a Muslim, amidst this situation in Sri Lanka. 😅

  10. use of plastic packed food is responsible for cancer?

  11. Plz make morning fix videos regularly

  12. ravin said:

    We all know such arrests are taking place in many states, like wb, up, maharashtra etc. It doesn't make them dictatorial states, yes but it shows the shrinking space for freedom of speech in these states. In wb alone we have seen several cases in last few years from that cartoonist to this one. Similarly other states are misusing the it act abs curtailing fundamental rights of the people. When central govt itself is all for curtailing fundamental rights of the citizens from privacy to non-discrimination, what we need is to fight against all these forces. We can not let one such facist force prevail over other, that will be trading one evil for another. And those becoming party specific here are the biggest threat to democracy in my opinion.

  13. Cancer is just a business. There is no value of humans by these big pharma. People have cured cancer with alternate medicine like cannabis and MMS. The cure has been suppressed for decades. I wonder how much more can humanity suffer due to ignorance of the masses and rule of the corporates which control the world and the governments…it is time to wake up…before we loose everything

  14. Your content is available on hotstar

  15. Bengal has gone into a sad state. The state needs good ethical journalism to voice out people 's part.

  16. eirixna said:

    Realising the increase in malignant tumour affected patients and the dire need of physicians has sent chills down my spine. What are we heading towards? Death and destruction!

  17. You are cool ma'am… Last news gave a smile on my face after hearing some serious news.

  18. 4:37 why can't we take immediate measures to low down cancer rates instead of preparing equipment for future?

  19. Please make a video on India going into middle income trap and Bangladesh economy overtaking indian economy.

  20. If there will be next world war it will be between musilim countries n non Muslim countries.i am shocked to see escalating hatred among different communities in the world against Muslims.

  21. Mamta is new chengij Khan of bengal. ,activist should file defamation case against Bengal govt and should ask for compensation.

  22. Mini dictatorship going on in West Bengal

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