Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite | Android Pie UPDATE is here!

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Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite | Android Pie UPDATE is here!

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43 thoughts

43 thoughts

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  1. How to get rid of google search bar at the bottom of the Home Screen? Can anyone Suggest/answer on it?

  2. disable the "google" app in settings, restart your phone, and the stupid search bar is gone

  3. Hey can you tell me is there an option to automatically turn off and on phone like a schedule. I am choosing a phone for my gf so this is a very important feature that MIUI have but I do not know if xiaomi phones with pure android have it.


  4. Please help me .to give a information that how to off double tap wake up srceen my a2 lite…! I couldn't find how to parmanently off that think..

  5. Does the 4G work on AT&T?..… please help

  6. After the update my a2 lite can't split screen anymore. I used that function a lot.

  7. they mangled bluetooth capabilities with this update

  8. I really like the Google search bar at bottom. More in reach with the thumbs.

  9. I got this on amazon for $185 and it's so great,Android one,Excellent battery,Smooth performance.Getting 4G on Metro.Highly recommended.

  10. My Mi A2 lite on android 9 has this issue, that when the bluetooth is on, the WiFi speed drops radically (5 Mbps) compared to speed with BT off (over 40 Mbps). I can't turn the BT off, because I use smartwatch.

  11. K. W. said:

    I got the update on December 25th 2018.

  12. Is it true i heard there are bootloop issue on SOME xiaomi mi a2.?

  13. mi a2 Lite Support Fast Charging 3.0 ????

  14. Tone Win said:

    How long is the battery life if u play videos? Thinking about changing to Android for the first time. I’m using iPhone6 right now. Is mi a2 lite an upgrade. Thanks

  15. Brightness problem is coming in mi a2 lite after this update.
    Brightness level is 50% but actually it's 10% bright and that's why battery is draining quickly

  16. HaMzA Ch said:

    I have mia2lite but it can't got update from Pakistan

  17. Donna DC said:

    Anybody can tell me a theme for mi a2 please..

  18. Hi! I have a mi a2 and after this update my GPS has been a mess… Anybody else with the same problem?

  19. Loving your videos bro…You actually made me fall in love with this device, I bought it and I love it even more!

  20. Use nova launcher, fixes your problem.

  21. battery life has cut down, i need to keep this phone on battery saver mode, and i suggest you do this as well. as well do not disable adaptive battery

  22. Does it support dual 4g volte on both the sim cards after pie update?

  23. Which country are you located? Trying to figure out if this phone will work on 4G LTE and I’m in Canada.

  24. gc1282 said:

    What city are you in? Because I'm in NYC and I'm having network issues. It takes 10 – 15 seconds to hear a ring and incoming calls go straight to voicemail

  25. Because of the update, i can't split screen.. i cant open 2 apps at the same time. And the options for wps was gone. 🙁
    Im using Mi A2 Lite.

  26. why my Slow motion video is not working after this update,
    any one plz help😔

  27. Are you guys experiencing sometimes when you type, the lower keyboard flickers? I think its a bug

  28. How to split mode in new upate

  29. It would of been helpful if you showed us how its done, that aside very good video.

  30. Even more battery time with Android pie

  31. Darude said:

    Thanks J.

    From UK, started to watch your videos today. Excellent content and reviews.

    How's the battery with this Pie update?

  32. KingTrax said:

    The Umidigi one max with the q1 wireless charger and the Umidigi F1 are the budget killers!

  33. I updated mine to android pie but then my mi a2 lite won't quick charge as it used to be before the update. Anyone knows why?

  34. Jerry G said:

    I got the update about a week ago

  35. where your eagles reaction man

  36. I had this and sold it because I could NOT get aptx Bluetooth to work, it was in the options, but would not stay when connecting a aptx headset .

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