'We will never stop fighting for this planet'

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'We will never stop fighting for this planet'


Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg got a rousing reception as she spoke to Extinction Rebellion climate change demonstrators.

Extinction Rebellion (XR) campaigners say they want to show they are “disciplined and cannot only start disruptive actions but also end these when needed”.

Police have so far made 963 arrests across the days of the ongoing protest.

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33 thoughts

33 thoughts

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  1. Another fake ACTORvist.
    A Stinking Rebellion is what they should call these fake turds.

  2. Propaganda in its finest! The same kind of script i used to hear in Bulgaria during communism- emotionally charged, no space for debate, analysis, critizism and this anti human rights forceful and falseful sense of urgency! Phew!
    Thank God , the Brits are taught from early age to analyse, criticuse, debate, argue any given information, so they wont fall for this crap!

  3. Go away Greta. We have enough crazy climate people in Britain already.

  4. she really was on lsd before she did this 😂😂😂

  5. Dirty dirty smear merchants that's all sky news is it's a propaganda machine

  6. ‘Climate change’ fills the gap left by religion for white middle class atheists. Tenets include denouncing the unbelievers, moral superiority, dedication to a higher cause, group think, end-of-the-world alarmism, sacred unquestionable knowledge, original sin, manipulation of information, holy inquisition (IPCC, climategate) etc. In non whites this gap is filled with a racial identity and pride in heritage.

  7. It is true that we need to develop more clean and efficient energy, and we do affect the climate in some way. However these protests offer no solutions, they just cost the economy more resources and waste more energy cleaning up their mess. This girl has good intentions but offers no solutions. The politicians wanting photos with her are just virtue signalling. At least I could respect the politicians who are using public transport or riding bicycles instead of using their own cars.

  8. zZNUFCZz said:

    “Together we are making a difference”
    Because distrupting the day to day life of people to protest against climate change will REALLY change peoples opinions
    I appreciate what they’re doing but there are other ways to protest to get open peoples eyes not turn them away

  9. This fool belongs to a sinister movement that would exterminate people to achieve their goal.
    The people controlling this GIRL are evil and are using her to twist young minds.
    The youth are already sick enough and don't need any more evil thoughts putting into their heads.

  10. dismantle all nuclear weapons, make war illegal ; funnel money into hospitals and research, make train travel cheap, invest in electric cars, lower retirement to 55 voluntary – better World..

  11. aaugoaa said:

    Now the UK political class are taking lessons from a 16 year old.

  12. Jewish girl – this nonsense is going to lead to more taxes

  13. R. A. said:

    She's being used for propaganda.

  14. Ian Howe said:

    Something is being done, get your head around this and dig deep, its called AGENDA21. look for the real truth


  16. The reincarnation of Jim Jones as a little girl?

  17. Oooh it's neck and neck 153/153. I will leave it at that. I neither like nor dislike this video. It's possible not to be cult-like about this issue. She raises valid points and is drawing necessary attention to an important topic. She's 16 and autistic(?), I couldn't say five words in front of an audience at 16. But she isn't addressing the root cause, and isn't offering any realistic solutions. And while she remains so negative on nuclear energy, she frankly isn't worth paying much attention to. Hopefully as she matures and gains a better understanding of this issue she will be a more important voice in the debate.

  18. A product of the dysfunctional feminist deranged leftist fools dominated non-nation of Sweden. Stop the Chinese and Indians coal fired power stations. Better still reduce the planet population by 50% by getting rid of Chinese and Indians.

  19. It only needs one video of a caring, thoughtful person to quickly find where all the morons have congregated below the line…

  20. RR Extra said:

    stupid little yxd actress needs to stfu

  21. How about going to the Amazon Rain Forest and sitting down in front of their tree-felling machinery?

  22. If not a member of CND I wouldn't take her seriously or other environmentalists who aren't members.

  23. John said:

    Manipulation migration is killing the world pakistan india africa arabs iranian iraqs china europe usa austraila each part is being over run by people who mass bred poverty is coming to world by migrants

  24. Omg these comments are crazy. Skynews has such a radical following. Murdoch has his army of uneducated voters

  25. lock her up she needs mental hospital


  27. Know who else is from Sweden?

    Greta is Hitler confirmed.

  28. She takes ages to say nothing of consequence and presents no solutions

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