U.S. billionaires killing Canadian jobs, Kenney says

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U.S. billionaires killing Canadian jobs, Kenney says

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Alberta Premier Jason Kenney says U.S. billionaires are killing Canadian jobs by funding environmental groups that protest against pipelines. He says his government will spend $2.5 million on a provincial inquiry into “foreign-funded special interests.”
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24 thoughts

24 thoughts

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  1. CBC stands for Climate Bullsh*t Cult. You gotta love how they always go to Greenpeace and other eco-activists for comment. These are the very people the investigation will be looking at, so of course, they deny it. Vivian Krause has scoured the income tax records of wealthy American progressive foundations and found they have paid Canadian ENGOs and First Nations at least $40 million in the past ten years to demonize the Alberta oilsands under the auspices of the "Tar Sands Campaign". The goals of the TSC were to limit oilsands production and obstruct and delay the construction of pipelines taking their product to world markets. This is American interference in the economy and politics of Western Canada. The harm they have caused Western Canadians should be investigated thoroughly.

  2. Why don't you people just say what it is? This is why I watch you on youtube

  3. There’s no question there is a foreign funded campaign. Environmentalists are anti-human and globalists trying to bring hardship and lower our standard of living. There is no such thing as a grassroots movement.

  4. ken g said:

    George Soros controls the liberal and NDP party's

  5. :52 stood by and did nothing to defend "your" interests… because who's interests is it in? The workers laying the pipeline.. do you think they will have jobs doing that when it is completed?? You say others are trying to "take away jobs", but it is you who is taking away jobs trying to deliver Canada's oil to market to line "your" pockets… while putting the environment at even greater risk..
    If a transport truck crashes, how much oil might be lost that can't be collected off the highway compared to how much oil will pour into the soil along the pipeline where it is not too uncommon of a thing for them to burst… or lay vulnerable to foreign attacks and war.. How many people have already dug their spigots into the pipeline? This is all for bigger investor rewards and the title of video IS STILL appropriate.. trying to suggest we need to sell more oil before we can fix global warming… These people certainly act as though they have been subdued acting under HIVE MIND mentality..
    I don't think they are gonna stop, even when we have to start paddling canoes to work…

  6. Canada needs independant foreign policy to protect their national interests. Nothing good ever comes out of being a US pawn.


  8. What's killing Alberta, is short sighted conservative government policies. Automation and climate change have been coming for decades. Instead of planning for the future (like Norway…), the conservative governments of the past have sold out their constituents with corporate handouts and taxbreaks, along with inadequate royalties and lax regulation. Now that the chicken has come home to roost, along comes Jason Kenny, with the same failed approach. Blaming every one but his own parties failed leadership for the problems of Alberta. Kenny is an opportunist. Ready to deceive and misdirect to fill his pockets and those of his international corporate friends. Alberta is looking at another 4 years of record debt, job losses and denying the climate reality.

    But I guess that's what they voted for.

  9. Left or right,just stop being a cocksucker and work for the people who vote you in.

  10. 111AAA said:

    It is SOOOO GOOD that usa screws canadians!!!!

  11. mr1fed said:

    Trudeau Foundation.

  12. U.S. billionaires do this everywhere in the world especially in third/developing countries…. you can see this happening in Venezuela, Brazil, Nicaragua, Middle East, China, etc… just to name a few

  13. Canada does not have a robust economy. If it wasnt for the tourism industry in Vancouver the hole ship would sink. Now with all the poor peole and homeless Vancouver is gonna be the next san Francisco

  14. You must be kidding , this guy Mr. Kenney represent exactly billionaires interest , better known as " special interest " , after 40 years rule of PC party in Alberta what they left , billionaires club ( Oligarchical class ) and people of Alberta devastated , workers who depend of their mercy ( job providers ) , you can sell that story to nobody anymore …

  15. Did the Koch brothers pay him to say that? Is this our Koch VS Soros war now?

  16. Quebec don't want pollution pipeline

  17. Canada is like USA's small brother. I am pretty sure president Trump will look into this and never allow Canada to get hurt.
    Long live USA-Canada brotherhood.

  18. Nomercy said:

    Oh well. Our master the United States of Israel can do whatever it wants. Canadian leaders are weak and bought off.

  19. joemad said:

    He's right of course – BERNIER 2019

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