Toyota 4Runner T9 Head unit wiring explanation install

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Toyota 4Runner T9 Head unit wiring explanation install

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This is intended to understand which wire goes where on the T9

Major upgrades and differences:

-Built in CarPlay / Android auto (WIRELESS) & wired
-4-64 GB supper fast (no lag) even after whole day use
-Better radio signal
-Amazing BLueTooth stream
-BUILT IN 4G data (sim card)
-Better GPS triangulation when no service
-Bluetooth Data hot spot and share
-Way better EQ
-Amp In /out
-Instant rear view camera 0-1000ms
-Subwoofer out
-Split screen

And many more…


10 thoughts

10 thoughts

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  1. Is there a port to plug in an external microphone for phone usage instead of using the onboard mic?

  2. Can I install this into my 2010 4Runner?

  3. Hello Sevag,
    Please help me wiring the unit. Having trouble making the steering wheel controls to work. How can I contact you?

  4. Tony B said:

    Just installed mine. Have the same issue as A Holowko – the sim card connector is the same size as the 1st slot. Will not fit in 2nd slot. Also, the wifi antennae broke off, and i cannot get the unit to sign in to the play store.

    Everything else seems to be working ok. Is there an owner's manual? or a full installation video? I have some connectors that don't seem to have a place to go (ie Sirius XM module)

  5. I had no issues installing mine, but man…the wireless CarPlay is trash. Have you had this issue? I can’t figure it out

  6. Unit still no power,how long for the harness to arrive?

  7. Unit doesn’t turn on.had it on for 10- 15 minutes .
    Looks pretty much plug n play.
    Units dead or wiring harness is the wrong one.

  8. It only fits in the rca slot .

  9. The SIM card connectors don’t fit in the second slot. It only fits in the slot on he left.

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