Top 5 Completed Pokemon Nds Rom Hacks with Mega Evolution 2019! (Android/PC)

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Top 5 Completed Pokemon Nds Rom Hacks with Mega Evolution 2019! (Android/PC)

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Top 5 Pokemon Nds Rom Hacks with Mega Evolution 2019! (Completed)

Music from NCS (Non Copyright Sounds) :


5. Pokemon Blood Platinum Completed
Download :

4. Pokemon Silver Blue Completed
Download :

3. Pokemon Black Random Full Build Completed
Download :

2. Pokemon Renegade Platinum Completed
Download :

1. Pokemon Silver Yellow Completed
Download :

Tutorial for Pokemon Silver Yellow To Play On Android :

Emulator(NDS) :-
Android :
PC :

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26 thoughts

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  1. Btw why is the charmander an "electric type"

  2. Give the names of the game😑😑😑😑

  3. Shadow said:

    Can I get the link to blood platinum in media fire?

  4. What emulator do you use?

  5. I honestly don't trust random websites like gplink. When I tried to copy the url and accidentally activated it when caused me to get dragged into an Are You Feelong Lucky? page which I noped out a second before it could load.

    Have you got any other better links to these rom hacks? Like maybe to a Google drive, Drop Box, Mega Drive or Medafire file page of the patched rom?

  6. Rock3R said:

    Please mention number of Pokemon obtainable in each room hack for all future videos.. Thanks

  7. Don't have money to buy drastic
    How poor I am

  8. Johnny said:

    How can I hack this games

  9. Johnny said:

    The first hack. How I hack this

  10. Are they complete???

  11. This video is so pointless. You might as well have just given a link to the thread explaining what the game is considering you only show the first segment of each game. Also, explain how mega evolution works in each game and ALSO… why the fuck did you tag "let's go pikachu gba rom hack"??? Literally not connected to the video at all and neither are most of your tags… Literally the first 4 are relevant and the last 7 aren't at all. And whats more, you got the name of one of your roms wrong and they are out of order. I could have made a better video than this in 10 minutes if I had the footage.

  12. I cant battle misty in silver yellow pls help me 😢

  13. Hello can you give me a link to the renegade platinum in mediafire?
    Thanks for this video btw


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