The Huawei ban is MUCH bigger than you think

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The Huawei ban is MUCH bigger than you think

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Huawei is getting blacklisted by the United States. The tech company was added to the Commerce Department’s Entities List, a de facto ban on US companies selling to Huawei. It’s part of an ugly trade war between the US and China, and it goes a lot deeper than what you’ve probably read.

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31 thoughts

31 thoughts

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  1. Do you think the new restrictions on Huawei are fair?

  2. Look, I don't want bigger trade wars but just for the sake of observing, what would Apple do without China if it bans Apple like Huawei.
    Interesting situation for US economy isn't it

  3. US: "No no no, you can't do that! ONLY I AND THE COMPANIES I ALLOW GET TO SPY ON PEOPLE!"

  4. ary min said:

    stupit people even kids can thinks maturely bodo

  5. Boy would Democrats love to see tech company's comeback to the U.S. they'd love it so they can start taxing them. It's pretty sad when a country like communist China is cheaper than a capitalistic society like the U.S lol

  6. a phone is a phone its a commodity its the software that matters and without android the huawie phone is junk all banking apps are either apple and android so any new o/s is a waste of time

  7. Max said:

    USA's strategy to lead the world seems to be by keeping others down. This is laughable and will not work. I predict a big rise in costs for the american and canadian consumers. Just watch.

  8. Bro stop making those weird faces before I drive over there and fix it for ya.

  9. well trump supporters thinks it's still MAGA and they're all stable geniuses!

  10. Mrs 504 said:

    Thank you but please lower the music it is very distracting.

  11. yuv06 said:

    Well you can kiss everything that uses rare earth in the US goodbye as China might ban US

  12. Leachout said:


  13. Case Yap said:

    White Americans tend to run amok whenever the tide goes against them.
    They must learn to behave.


  15. Why would you do business with the US anymore when you have Dictator like Trump trying to deflect from all his money laundering by creating an economic war that is unnecessary. Doing business in the US is now high risk! Go elsewhere.

  16. Duke71 said:

    god bless donalds trumps he will make chiner squeel like a pig#

  17. pk GOD said:

    USA is good at killing those who is going to do better than him . they used to kill his father UK, then Japan, then European , and now China. I am so worried about those who lose jobs during the wars.

  18. Damn I thought you were gonna be one sided about this but I’m pretty happy with how you presented the video

  19. No. Both side will lose alot more.
    Family, Mum's and Dad's. Communities, Small Business to Enterprise.
    Relations in All in industries,
    Above all Trust and Security.

  20. Why should Huawei worry. They have a huge market in mainland China. And guess what!? no Google etc in China.

  21. Why would Google offer their services in country that doesn't allow Google ? Would you do it if you had a company ? China(Huawei) isn't a victim here,Think about it,FB is blocked in China,what's up, Youtube,gmail and so on,All US companies and now you blame Google for Huawei disaster ? Yeah.

  22. this video is stupid plus failed to mention how china been stealing and banning u.s companies.

  23. how about get a non-smart flip phone and start living your life instead of staring at a phone all day

  24. Ever since Trump became president i have continuously appreciated being in Kenyan

  25. What about intellectual property stealing by China

  26. Many think that it’s only labour costs that make cheap products from China but that ain’t true. It are the raw materials which China can get out of the ground cheaper than anywhere else.

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