Terraria Mobile 1.3 Enigma Video Discussion [iOS Android]

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Terraria Mobile 1.3 Enigma Video Discussion [iOS Android]

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Terraria Mobile 1.3 Enigma Video Discussion [iOS Android]

A mysterious video was uploaded by ReLogic. It’s obviously fully of coded messages. And supposedly the person who deciphers it all will get some kind of recognition. It was discussed on the Terraria Discord shortly after it was posted on YouTube.

Enigma video (official):

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45 thoughts

45 thoughts

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  1. Its morse code when its showing map its dots and lines its ez to know what it says if u know morse code

  2. What will happen to the exclusive items when we update the game ?? Like equipped items

  3. 27/8 is the release date I pretty sure

  4. The Enigma Code Machine Was a World War 2 Creation of the Germans wich was a Tough Nut to Crack and it only got cracked because of Enigma Machines Getting Captured

  5. To be honest, I don't even care what kind of crippled hieroglyphs loki was trying to do, I'm just happy to get 1.3 mobile. I find enigmas useless, especially since 1.3 in general isn't exactly something new.

  6. mazen said:

    Could it be saying :"the release date is *$^^@* *^th 2019"?

  7. Anon 247 said:

    The secret messenge is actually "sike" and they're telling us that there's no terraria 1.3 Mobile that we have all been living in a drug induced dream this past 3 years

  8. In case u read my comment…i have a question,,..IN TERRARIA 1.3 mobile WELL NPCs BE ABLE TO FIGHT OR DEFEND THEM SELVES?

  9. Are sandstorm event and underground desert will exist
    In 1.3 mobile?

  10. The video is telling you the release date c'mon how did no one figure it out

  11. Who is braille a d goshar!?

  12. Lun nix said:

    Me: Loki 8/27/89 its right?

    Loki:yes dude

  13. We should get @gametheory to solve this

  14. Nrlp i think Theseaotter04
    The Sea Otter 04
    Most likely i’m assuming that was pretty obvious tho

  15. Have you tried music Notes as the code

  16. If it comes on 8/27 thats my bday and ill be 19 thatll be fire

  17. If it comes on 8/27 thats my bday and ill be 19 thatll be fire

  18. 5000 years later
    1.3 still isn’t out



  20. heck said:

    27th August is my birthday!!!!

  21. I swear to god when this game comes out I'll be a pile of bones

  22. Holy crap I think I actually solved it. I was looking up different types of hidden code and one of them is called the "enigma machine" look it up and see if anybody can solve it

  23. xXsxorXx said:

    For me, the fight , battle text reminds me of the google playstore description.

  24. Maybe once someone figures it out… it will release

  25. I think the answer is that the enima map is a sever and that terraria mobile is going to have severs.

  26. When 1.3 comes to mobile soon as you launch it up your gonna hear a hentai remix

  27. Quirk said:

    The enigma is full of riddles.
    Come on relogic

    Like to have a good day

  28. Ace YT said:

    NRLP, The sea otter 04?

  29. 20/9/2019It was nothing😁

  30. EddEdd- said:

    Loki said “a lot”

  31. DEATH said:

    I really hope it is aug 28th. That would be awesome its been over 2 years sense i have been waiting

  32. nrlp is officially best friends with loki for giving him so much content

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