Should you ROOT your Android phone in 2019?

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Should you ROOT your Android phone in 2019?

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Is root still relevant in 2019, or has the time to hack your Android phone passed? Alex, Jerry, Harish and Ara break it down.

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24 thoughts

24 thoughts

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  1. Samsung Note 8 T- Mobile Android 9.0 Pie, can't root and can't use my phone call recording software. They just turned my phone into a paperweight. I will not be buying the Note 10 in August.

  2. Samsung Note 8 T- Mobile, can't root and can't use my phone call recording software. They just turned my phone into a paperweight.

  3. Matt said:

    I have never had android I went from Symbian to iOS. But could someone answer the following question. 1) If I buy the Lenovo z5 pro from China root it. update the firmware to android pie ( as it does not come loaded with android pie). Then take the root off the phone keeping android pie. As I only really use banking apps and streaming apps which on iOS your constantly battling the developers to keep the apps working on a jailbroken iOS device.

  4. Used to be one the first things I did to all my phones back in the day, good times

  5. Jo Blow said:

    Lara Croft of the tech world.

  6. F1JunGT said:

    SuperSu was good. Served its purpose. But Magisk root revolutionized the whole thing & actually made rooting worth it with modules for almost everything!

  7. rooting seems really hard to get into especially with my huawei nova 2 lite

  8. LASH said:

    Rooting and flashing is for poor people. The same people who torrent or watch 240p quality streams of anime videos online and the same people who complain about paying $0.99 for a app they’d use for a year.

  9. zymphad said:

    This video is unfortunate for those interested in rooting. I've rooted all my android phones so far and I still use Android Pay, Netflix, Hulu, music streaming services regularly. I get all the benefits of rooting without hampering other issues. The only real one might be websites that don't like my adblockers, that's about it. Even though running OOS, I still prefer more AOSP roms like ABC, I still have reasons to root.

  10. Just download some more ram

  11. I absolutely love that shoulder holster purse.

  12. Hey, what is that red creature on the left?

  13. ThaChazo said:

    I can't play pokemon go tho

  14. im the same .. i use to root everything i owned .. but now it breaks more than it fixes .. so 2nd device is a must for me even if its a older phone most of those still have support channels to go to to upgrade and etc …

  15. Ann Rein said:

    I no longer see a need to root. There's a few programs that have root features and yes, adblock is a good reason but other than that I've got better things to do. Plus my Note 8 is too expensive to chance screwing up. All my previous Notes were rooted.

  16. so basically, its junk and you're better off with an iPhone jailbroken, since you're allowed to use every app?

  17. define nerd

    me: links this video

  18. Top lad said:

    I rooted every android phone i owned. Gonna root my s9 plus after a year or two

  19. I rooted the s**t out of my HTC Sensation, every few days I was praying out a new ROM. Early days of android were a slog in terms of performance a lot of the time, and rooting really helped in that regard. I think android has come a long way and it's just not so necessary anymore.

  20. My rooting experience started with a phone which wasn't even Android to begin with. If anyone remember the HTC HD2, it came out with Windows Mobile 6.5 and it was really really bad. It was during that time that I heard about Android and how it was possible to run it in the HD2. At first the only reason I wanted Android on my phone was to play Angry Birds and to show off that I can run multiple games. I started experimenting with SD dual ROMs and soft bricked that phone many times. It was always a toss up for me to which ROM I used but in the end I settled with MIUI. MIUI was great, offered good visuals, everything was customizable, it had notification quick toggles when nobody else thought about it, easy screenshot features blah blah. After using that phone for around 16 months I went ahead and got myself the first Galaxy S i9000. It was a good phone, at least on the hardware side but man it was as laggy as the Windows Mobile was. I tried not to void the warranty for a couple of months but in the end I rooted it and changed the rom to Cyanogenmod. And trust me guys, I have used many devices in my life but that device has given me the most satisfaction I could get out of a phone. I used it for almost 2 years, the back was totally broken, the battery was giving up but I loved it because I could customize it and play with different ROMs on a daily basis. That's when I learned about overclocking and underclocking, amplifying the DAC for better audio, calibrating the display and the root software which had modules in it (I forgot the name of that app, it allowed to download custom modules like Greenify and app killers) all the good stuff. After that I ended up buying an iPhone 4s and instantly regretted it, 8 months in and I gave up on jailbreaking as it wasn't as fun. Got back to Android with Huawei P1 (my first phone with my pocket money) and continued with custom Cyanogenmod ROM. It was during this time when OEMs started implementing custom ROM features in their softwares and my next phone HTC One M8 was good enough to not root it. The hardware was powerful enough to handle the backlash of the bloat and it came with all the goodies from custom ROMs. Prices were going significantly high as well so the idea of losing the warranty wasn't a great one. I did root my M8 after 2 years to install and check the current state of custom ROMs but it wasn't that great (Lineage OS) and after that I have not rooted any phone (M8> S7Edge> Note9) I believe rooting is unnecessary for most of the users nowadays, many apps don't wanna work on a rooted phone anymore, the process itself is very tedious and sometimes not free as OEMs are locking the device and finally losing the warranty of a 1000€ phone is something that I wouldn't want to do. You also get almost all the features baked in the factory OS. Where it can still be useful is for those sub 200€ Chinese phone which comes with crap softwares to better the user experience. Also for some old devices to catch up on the new OS. Pss- I would love to root and install custom ROM on my Moto G5s which is still stuck on Nougat, hit me up if you have any ROM recommendation and tutorials!

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