Seven – Deadly Revelation Part 2 (Android game)

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Seven – Deadly Revelation Part 2 (Android game)

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The description of Seven – Deadly Revelation

Being contacted on your mobile phone by the personified evil leaves you breathless – spine-chilling suspense guaranteed! Your decisions determine which course events will take – and how the story will end. Immerse yourself in the darkest depths of the human soul and experience an enthralling, spellbinding psycho trip that you will never forget!

In this free adventure, a stranger’s ominous prophecy sets off a series of dramatic events that you must solve with the astuteness of a detective. Prove yourself a hacker, solve mysterious puzzles, make the right decisions, and so find out piece by piece who is so unscrupulous to threaten the very lives of your loved ones! The game features a thrilling storyline of chat dialogues with various characters and boasts of realistic documents, images, videos, and sound effects. The extensive and well thought-out plot will keep you thrilled and guarantees long lasting fun of playing and puzzling. Seven is completely free to play and includes optional in-app purchases that can speed up the process and completion of the game.
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