Samuel Mwawato, former pilot in U.S.A now a garbage collector in Kilifi

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Samuel Mwawato, former pilot in U.S.A now a garbage collector in Kilifi

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43 thoughts

43 thoughts

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  1. I am having trouble believing he was actually a pilot that has just gone under hard times. There is more to his story that he is not telling. Why did he leave the US without his wife and small children? Why did he remarry soon after on returning to Kenya? This guy seems very shady.

  2. Audience he has to complete his flight time to continue to fly the friendly skies. No deviation!!! Government's don't play with peoples lives…Guidelines and policies have their place, just like driving a car, and obtaining car insurance in case of an accident. This prevents law suits, and that's when I step in. I fight in court everyday…

  3. From pilot to garbage collector? This guy was probably bewitched

  4. Very sad story. I am a Pilot myself and have my share of ups and downs.

  5. I bet he married a white woman 😎

  6. Lady K said:

    Juju has a part to play. They brought him all the way down.

  7. How can I have his contact? I would like to do something for him and with him. Thank you for sharing his video.
    Many blessings!👏

  8. Dont ever be fooled that kenyan government can step in and help you. Unless you are related to the ruling family

  9. Hii sio kitu ya kushtua mkenya wa kawaida. We are struggling to make ends meet afterall

  10. The report is all his life is crashing, tak off , turbulence, propelled, hahah

  11. Cie Kai said:

    May God punish the devil. He needs real deliverance. Seek yeh first the kingdom of God and His righteousness diligently. The SPIRIT OF TRUTH, will definitely deliver and redeem you from the strongman strong holds and wicked powers that have messed your destiny.

  12. “His marriage had a clash landing when his financial status failed to take off”🤣🤣🤣

  13. Could tribalism have a hand in this?

  14. God forbid bad thing, this situation can lead some people to suicide . I pray he finds his way soon

  15. 2 adult daughters in America don't care to know how their father is or help him??! Wow and then some people wonder why things don't seem to be working out for them when you've totally abandoned a parent!

  16. I pray God for his divine intervention on his life ! May He restore everything he had lost!

  17. Wish I knew how to help this guy. As a corporate pilot myself, we tend to watch out for each other. It is a fairly small community in comparison to other occupations. This is a very sad story and turn of events. Hopefully he finds his way back into an airplane, somewhere.

  18. Oh no this is so sad 😔

  19. Something just ain't right with this story…..

  20. Allah will,, we plan and Allah plans too

  21. So you mean he did not make any savings while working as a pilot in the u.s?marrying American?

  22. If it was a rather sad story why report the story in the first damn place? And what does it matter that he's now picking garbage for a living? Does that change the fact that he still a well skilled professional pilot? He can still fly a plane his skill has never went away! They could have easily had a million other stories to talk about instead of expressing the personal set back of one man's life. This story is garbage how about that pick this story off of YouTube and throw it in the trash!

  23. Can we start a GO FUND ME to help him renew his license?
    If so pls reach me at for my contribution.

  24. Very sad!! He`s suffering because he Comes from the coast, a marginilized communitty begining from 1963. He has no Godfather in the goverment, thats the tragic with kenya if your Name sounds difference with the others.

  25. Really!! Didnt he saVe for his future

  26. Kenya where dreams are killed and burried

  27. The biggest mistake he made was to marry an American women, he was supposed to finish his school and return home.😂😂😂😂

  28. kibudome said:

    And he is doing the best for the society

  29. LL kun said:

    What is all the sensationalism about? He did not commit a crime neither is he taking drugs or lazing about. This is a life well lived. Taking every situation in stride and handling it well. This is a man that needs to be commended and serve as a mentor to others. Will you stop behaving like FOX NEWS, CNN and rhe like.

  30. His situation is not normal , there's something behind his suffering of which he didn't realize how to come out of it, that is Satan him self fighting this man's blessings

  31. Askitisha jaman serekali msaidieni atakelezee malengo yake

  32. no situation lasts till forever I believe in hope and sometimes it gets worse so that the testimony becomes bigger and greater. There's hope for this man

  33. Maybe it's a form of protection for him… His family don't have to worry about a crazy person blowing up his plane, and killing him along with others.. It was so sad when I saw what happened to the Ethiopian plane. The people who died on the plane, where such great minds and a power can't help but to wonder if that was the reason for their deaths… It was just as heartbreaking to see their love ones in such pain on losing them. Yes he may be going through a hardship but at least that's one thing his love ones don't have to worry about…There are alot of good pilots out there, but there are also alot of bad people.

  34. worked for 15 yrs in usa … then too a loan of 500k …. dont add up,
    kwani hawakuwa wanalipwa …? poor finacial management

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