Samsung Galaxy M20 Stock Android 9.0 Pie Review!!!

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Samsung Galaxy M20 Stock Android 9.0 Pie Review!!!

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Samsung Galaxy M20 Android 9.0 Pie Stock AOSP Android One Firmware Full Official Review. In this video let’s take a look at the Galaxy M20 Android 9.0 Pie Custom GSI Firmware.

How to Install Android Pie 9.0 GSI On M20?

Install TWRP

Install GSI

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26 thoughts

26 thoughts

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  1. wt about the camera of stock android in m20

  2. please make a video on how to root Samsung galaxy A50.

  3. Please make a video on how to RMM unlock Samsung M20 and install TWRP and root it..

  4. Bro will there be rom development for galaxy A50?

  5. play pubg and give camera comparison also..

  6. It it available for samsung s8 ?

  7. If one has to buy a plastic phone then poco f1 is ready from 2018.

  8. G-zuz said:

    Can this phone be used with U.S carriers?? No one has replied to me 😞

  9. can you make a tutorial on reinstalling Rom MEIZU M6S bootloop and stuck recovery mode?

  10. 🛑How to unlockboatloder and install root on m20 and also the best and latest Google Camera 6.1

  11. Can you please teach how to flash in Samsung

  12. can anyone make a tutorial video about this! Plz

  13. My m20 is ghost tough ,screen is not working after update can you help me

  14. Can you make vedio about how to download it and every steps from whete to download it

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