Photographer's family escapes Dorian floodwaters in Bahamas

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Photographer's family escapes Dorian floodwaters in Bahamas

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Photographer Tim Aylen took video as he and his family escaped floodwaters that rushed into their home in Freeport, Bahamas. He says the water went from the normal flooding you might see in heavy rains to complete inundation in a matter of minutes. “We had no warning,” he says.

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20 thoughts

20 thoughts

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  1. WWG1WGA Q said:

    I serially wish I could go down there to give food and water!!!!! I'm so sad I can't watch this I pray for all the people that went thru that storm!!

  2. The gospel song say" Ride out your storm" this is literally what happened here. Thank you Lord for the good Samaritan and for those who survived. I wish the family of the dead gain strength to deal with their loss.

  3. I would've stayed in the house as long as I could becuz at least the sharks aren't going to bite me

  4. novit2013 said:

    Cuando ocurrió el terremoto en Haití, nadie se ocupó. Mucha hipocresía.

  5. Where are the mega churches? Where are the rich? This is unacceptable unacceptable! The Joel Olsteen, TD Jakes, Creflo Dollar Etc where are you?

  6. Man has not evolved they just found other ways to slaughter humanity goverment created this storm just another weapon of mass destuction

  7. Don't forget, the last time this happened the Clinton Foundation "stole" all the Donation money   !   Trump  2020

  8. no nooo said:

    Can you do another follow up of Tim Aylen in a month just to see how they are doing?

  9. Round about 4.00 min mark. Any ideas what the ufo is in the sky behind him?

  10. It's a blessing to know that some did get to survive and also having a good person helping out to make sure that there's other people that do survive also.

  11. and do not get me wrong, this is as bad as bad gets. cannot cry enough to express my genuine grief and compassion. i live with volcano but i fear hurricanes and the unrelenting wrath of the ocean it brings.

  12. this is the story of…why is your house not mounted on concrete pillars hiabove predicted storm surge levels in hurricane waters?

  13. Shanties are gone and most maybe dead on the island and concrete structures worn the rich still survive …Mm time to rebuild and stay dry. Simply sad.

  14. I got a few questions, 1. Were they paid to stay their to make it seem like they were victims too? Where are all the white people that live in the Bahamas? Where did they go because I didnt see any on them ships or busses? So now he said they were safe well why weren't the black people of the land safe? Someone answer those questions!!

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