Philpott says Trudeau violated her rights, riding leaders quit

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Philpott says Trudeau violated her rights, riding leaders quit

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Jane Philpott said in the House of Commons that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau violated her rights and the rights of Jody Wilson-Raybould when he expelled them from caucus without a full caucus vote. CBC News also learned that most board members from Philpott’s Liberal riding association for Markham-Stouffville have stepped down in solidarity with the former cabinet minister (watch at 6:55).
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35 thoughts

35 thoughts

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  1. joboy said:

    Geez, that Trudeau is a slithery snake. Make him resign or better still, put him in prison for a year or two.

  2. jatodan said:

    Trudeau is a pathological liar. I suspect Freeland is the same. Now Trudeau is reframing this whole SNC thing as a power struggle between the women in the Liberal caucus. Jane, you mentioned the word "deprived". When it come to any talk of Trudeau, "depraved" is more accurate.

  3. Justin Trudeau is a White elite Male who wants you to pay for his carbon rich life…

  4. This is really what Trudeau thinks of hard working woman when they do not tow the line , we will put you in office but don’t think on your own that’s a man’s job ( Trudeau ) He said himself that he expelled them ! They did not need to vote .

  5. Just on the news Mrs Philpott attempt to say that she was ejected from caucus without Trudeau following procedure has just been struck down.

  6. Again Alberta needs to leave confederation the whole system in Ottawa is corrupt!
    1 trillion dollars of wealth stolen from Alberta we do not need Canada

  7. Why is the RCMP not charging the PM? Trudeau displayed his dictatorial style by deciding for caucus and disregarding the rule of law.

  8. Bruce D said:

    Trudeau is a spoiled brat , he is useless as a leader , he wants only his way not a democratic leader at all. He was even a poor drama teacher and that is all he remains to be.

  9. Jane stop. Just stop. The horse is dead. Don't take a stand if you can't take the heat. Did Jody tell you everything would be fine? Maybe you should be mad at her. Which one of you wanted to run for leader or was it just sour grapes?

  10. Hal 9000 said:

    No ship floats w/ so many holes.

  11. Trudeau will be involved in SNC criminal trial just wait and see. That's why he wants DPA so he can't be prosecuted.

  12. Max Go said:

    Mr. Scheer, your party the Conservatives are only good on CUTTING the budget for the poor and the middle class, if you want example look at what the Ford Conservative Ontario Government have done to EDUCATION budget of Ontario cutting 3500 school teachers. I will choose the lesser EVIL this federal election and VOTE LIBERALS! Conservatives are only for the RICH!

  13. Max Go said:

    why are you insisting to be with the liberals when you rebel against them. you are a sour LOSER.

  14. Six months tick tock.

  15. I love watching this lost soul sink to the depths of his own demise and doing… his father, the dictator, is coming out in him, and we have seen his true dough colors… keep up the good work justin, good bye, and good riddance in October..

  16. Allen said:

    so let me see if i understand this correctly & as an American I welcome anyone to correct me if i see / hear this wrong; The Liberal party does not have to obey a Constitutional law b/c they did not like the law when it was passed?? If I am understanding this correctly, then without doubt, the Liberals of Canada are equally as insane & dishonest as the Liberals of the USA.

  17. Gord235 said:

    Trudeau's pole numbers are about to take another hit.

  18. That comes with the moral and ethical hazards of a democracy because of democracy can supersede and completely obliterate the Constitution the freedoms and rights of the People based on another groups feelings interpretation of those feelings, and so from time to time you will find your constitutional rights diminishing based solely on people subjective feelings as well as the rule of law, an example hate speech, which is based on the subjective feelings of people regardless of whether someone is speaking the truth or not your freedom of speech is only limited to not uttering threats of violence towards people and that's it! But since you're governed under a democracy your rights and freedoms can and will be slowly eroded. It is for this reason that most countries were formed under a republic which does not ever waiver from the Constitution the people's rights freedoms and liberties as well as the rule of law, it is for this reason that democracies tend to transition towards tyrannies and ultimately dictatorships, which is exactly what we are seeing within the political theater today. Politicians subverting the people's constitutional rights Liberties and Freedoms

  19. donnyboy said:

    Canada Needs To Build A Wall, and fast.!

  20. Ken man said:

    And he has violated my rights and every other Canadians rights time to go Trudeau

  21. Don't ever talk to conservatives about shame cause the hypocrisy is beyond reproach!
    Not just for Justin and Liberals but ALL Liberal supporters!!!!
    Next time you want to speak-out?!
    Look in the mirror!!!!!!

  22. marc said:

    Philpott, you better hide if you care about your

  23. You need to cross the floor and join the Conservatives, like Alleslev did. You're not seen as a Liberal anymore, why would you beg them to take you back?

  24. What is this this CBC woman wearing ? Am-I seeing straight… Tight leopard skin top might not be appropriate. 🤔

  25. Pat B said:

    turdeau isn't the "little potato" he's the little dictator!

  26. cbc spin everything in their reporting just another satellite of this corrupt liberal party

  27. 8:38 this Liberal for life compares the Liberal party to her family! OMG! Here's one of those enabling friend parents I've always known Liberals to be! Weak minded lazy fools raising more Liberal narcissistic little monsters to unleash on society! What Trudeau did was illegal! Period! And yet she will still vote for him in the next election!? WTF! 8:10 So obese Katie Simpson is not what I want to look at when hearing news about anything! Gross! This must be the result of 'equality of outcome' which is proven nonsense so of course it's a Liberals view and CBC's policy! Liberal nonsense is beginning to get very tiring!

  28. cbc is only allowing these comments so they can report back to their daddy justin now here is news for you cbc this is your real polling for the coming up election thank god

  29. An organizer for Philpott is disillusioned with Trudeau and his Liberals but still plan to vote Liberal in October?! How dumb can you get?

  30. I O said:

    It's not as simple an issue as it sounds. From what I understand, a party has to vote to adopt the provisions of the Reform Act, which Philpott is citing. The Liberal Party says they opted out of the Refrom Act years ago, but surfacing issues have complicated that…as everything does in politics…
    It's all a big political mess, for sure. It's like Canadian Game of Thrones! People get taken out one week, then come back the next, every week it's something new that I didn't see coming!

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