No end in sight for U.S. war in Afghanistan after talks collapse

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No end in sight for U.S. war in Afghanistan after talks collapse

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President Trump announced that secret talks with the Taliban over U.S presence in Afghanistan, to be held at Camp David, were suddenly broken off. Charlie D’Agata reports from Kabul on the Afghan government’s response; then, “Face the Nation” host Margaret Brennan offers insight into why the clandestine negotiations failed.

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31 thoughts

31 thoughts

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  1. Peace talks no more exist than the national security code levels of blue and green for we are in wars where exits do not exist. Get ready for a draft.

  2. HOOKDUP said:

    This war would be over long ago had I been In command of the military . The entire country would be A smoldering cinder no prisoners , no survivors.

  3. Please stop all this lie.stop the war too many innocent people died already enough is enough

  4. gud bie said:

    I'm just 21 can not American, can somebody tell why tf America has been fighting in Afghanistan for nearly 20 years?

  5. Only way to end it is bombs and nukes


  7. The US got destroyed in Afghanistan. They can choose to drag it out but the defeat shall be just as shameful 😂😂😂

  8. Perpetual War, as envisioned by Orwell in his book 1984.

  9. PAKISTAN is the real enemy. You cannot address Afghanistan until Pakistan is defeated. Taleban, Al Qaeda, ISIS are all based in Pakistan and provided armaments and logistical support by Pakistan. These are just facts.

  10. I have a question
    If everyone would just stop and really think about it
    Then everyone will understand the question
    Why it so very hard for people just learn to get along ?
    Just please stop acting like children specially when things don't go their way
    Please start acting as adults is supposed to

  11. Mr D Trump Take back the troops back from Afghanistan to Bahamas. Let them stay there till they get Dorian ravages back to beauty. This way "Taliban" will learn how to build great cities rather than destroying. Any one can destroy. Saving and Building is greatness. Wish I had the authority which most people have but nag about coming up with a simple elegant different idea. Dial DeerStalkerCO in case of any issues

  12. Kam Khan said:

    Who invaded who????????? Who is the culprit???????

  13. 18 year conflict…..nice 😉

  14. me huss said:

    Meanwhile in USA thousands of homeless families don’t know where to sleep tonight

  15. These fake news outlets are out of the loop. No leaks. All they can do is attempt to spin the President's comments. The President seeks to end wars and they label him an isolationist.

  16. Good reason to use the ultimate weapon pull the trigger

  17. There is only one type of negotiation these Taliban savages understand. It comes out of a rifle around
    2500 feet per second

  18. So if the peace talks were "secret" , why did trump have to run his mouth about it. Some military folks spend their whole career protecting AND DYING to protect top secret information.
    WTF HERE ?

  19. Another broken promise by trump. Still waiting for Mexico to pay for the wall, not to steal money from our military.

  20. There's is no war on terrorism, this is all based on the interest of the rich and powerful

  21. The battle is between good and evil. We can't save their kids.

  22. 762ndTB said:

    And the way goes America down the drain! Roto Rooter!

  23. There is a lot more to the Afghanistan war than ANYONE IS DIVULGING! A war that last 18 years is incomprehensible in every since of the word. The word Taliban is being thrown around to throw the public and media watchers off track. The fact that this war has lasted 18 years is suspicious exponentially. This is not a normal war over resources or political disarray. It's just the strangest war on all the earth since its creation. Russia, China, Turkey, Israel all have wars and take breaks in between. There hasn't been any breaks for Afghanistan, just straight war. The country itself shouldn't even exist from a war lasting 18 years, no normal population could last that long. You never hear the private citizens of Afghanistan complain. It's always some espect of the government. VERY WEIRD!!

  24. Ryan May said:

    Why did we allow them to control territory if we were fighting the war?

  25. Steven S said:

    You can stop this by withdrawing all troops.

  26. Do not trust the WH occupants!😠😡🤬

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