Newfoundland and Labrador election called for May | Power & Politics

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Newfoundland and Labrador election called for May | Power & Politics

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Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Dwight Ball announced that his province will head to the polls on May 16 for a provincial election.
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14 thoughts

14 thoughts

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  2. C H said:

    It's disappointing that they didn't even mention the NL Alliance, they're a brand new party with a platform that is very extraordinary from the rest.
    Also it's very clear that the mainlanders in the comment section know very little about NL politics. Our PC party is no where close to being as crazy as the other right-wing parties off the island. There is a large distain for conservatives here in NL, you can thank Stephen Harper for that. We're the birthplace of the ABC campaign that was started by a PC premier, so that itself should tell you something.

  3. Alberta reaches out to all Newfoundland Conservatives! Wishing you are well and great success in the upcoming provincial election. May the Blue Wave flow assertively your way. Warmest regards, Terry Ferster, Red Deer, Alberta.

  4. Given Canada's resources -Canadian citizens should be some of the wealthiest in the world. Instead under incompetent socialist resource hating governments from coast to coast have made Canadian's the most indebted in the entire world.

  5. Chris P said:

    Conservative sweep, this is getting good. Liberals will fail to exist come October.

  6. M said:

    another one for the blue wave :))

  7. Carbon tax is a con.. Plain and simple.. Ask my tree. 🎄

  8. Newfoundland needs an "I's the B'y" Party. It would win in a landslide cause everyone knows the tune. 🙂

  9. Oh yea! Yoga! Now we can elect a PRONOUN for Premier! Think of the originality! Newfies, please increase your IQ: boycott imbecility….

  10. Rabid carbon tax loving leftists who have made 46% of Canadian's destitute …are dropping like flies. Hopefully the people of Newfoundland wake up to the carbon tax HOAX…like the people of France have.

  11. One more conservative premier would be lovely

  12. Finally, that juicearse took so long to call the election

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