MPS Blocked from Accessing Safe Houses| NBS Live at 1 News Bulletin 11th Sept 2019

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MPS Blocked from Accessing Safe Houses| NBS Live at 1 News Bulletin 11th Sept 2019

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15 thoughts

15 thoughts

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  1. Safe houses are almost everywhere in the world, Safe houses are meant to keep witnesses whose lives may be in dager, so please mps get life and think of Uganda first than thinking of cheap politics

  2. Omulembe omunyampi nga gugenze tuliyambambala

  3. Chris Montana you will kill but you will not win

  4. Why are they called safe houses yet they can't be accessed by the MPs? What sorts of activities are carried there?

  5. The fact is there's no country with out a safe house and accessing it is a process unless u are a top security official. It's not a walk over place

  6. People are there madam my cousin was tortured in those safe houses

  7. kiks lilo said:

    That man kska is a killer, a serial murderer

  8. KING MAX said:

    There is No country without safe house
    Stuped MPS ,you expect terrorists to be interrogated in in 48hrs Seriously
    Watching from Ontario Canada

  9. Bobi wine is an empty head he said "he saw Somali women who a raped" at the site they where taken too. So what did he do?????

  10. These mps a ignorant. Every nation has such places for national security do those mps know what national interest and security mean. have they ever heard of extra ordinary renditions

  11. Mag Nan said:

    Definitely you will feel intimidated because you parliamentary mps,you are useless to Ugandans

  12. People Uganda is country which has no coast line so don't even west government's fuel because it must be there

  13. it was made clear to you that people live there and they are not detained there as you claim, this whole issue is just a camera show because you have no any legal provisions for you to be in those places. I have come to terms with the fact that the kind of MPs we have also makes the problems of Uganda worse.

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