Monster Arena Android Gameplay

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Monster Arena Android Gameplay

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Monster Arena By PPGGame (Android IOS)

Play your strategy game to improve the Monster gladiator warfare combined with the Gladiator’s battle and tactics in this epic action game!
Fighting the Monster Empire and becoming a ruthless monster gladiator! In Monster City, you can hire monster slaves, train warriors, buy swords, learn special skills, and welcome to participate in this strategic action game.
Welcome to Monster Arena- a dynamic monster gladiator game, the app chooses the perfect attack for the right strategy and tactics, training the gladiators in such a way that they will form a team victory, tactically attack your opponent, and you will win the gladiator battle. This will give you a perfect Monster Victory!
Start a humble and slow, one-on-one strategy game with the beginning of the battle, in the battle you are planning to hire, strategically purchase armor items, swords, hammers, double knives, and ready for a five-to-five battle, use Special attacks and supernatural powers and the right strategic timing are things that can save your life!

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