MiniVan Driving City Roof Parking Game – Android Gameplay FHD

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MiniVan Driving City Roof Parking Game – Android Gameplay FHD

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You will test the limits of 10 different vehicles. Select a pickup, a minivan, a taxi, a garbage truck or even a bus. Each one will behave a bit differently, forcing you to adjust your driving habbits as you play. Learn to drive all of them, show yourself as a true car enthusiast

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► Other drivers may be oblivious to some of your exploits, but they’re still there. While on the ground you will have to avoid traffic, watching carefully not to crash. School everyone else in the art of true driving mastery! Show them the rooftops are as good as a highway for you and that you are destined to be the best driver in the world!


The game’s urban environment is yours to explore. Every detail is here to enhance your driving experience and present you with new, surprising challenges. Each road is your to rule and master, each challenge for you to overcome and reach the top as the driver with the highest skills!


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