Microsoft Build 2019 // Vision Keynote + Imagine Cup World Championship

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Microsoft Build 2019 // Vision Keynote + Imagine Cup World Championship

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Microsoft Build kicks off Monday, May 6. Tune in to a livestream of the Imagine Cup World Championship at 8AM PT, and watch Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s keynote speech at 8:30AM PT. Join us to learn what’s next for developers:

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47 thoughts

47 thoughts

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  1. Imagine Cup: the safe space for spoiled weird aliens to be cheered by the very leftist SJWs they hate on their own land. Accelerationism is not fast enough.

  2. Personal computing and mobile computing will be behind us in a couple of years. It will be more of AI and Cloud . MS is on the right track 🙂

  3. System.out.println("Nadella is awesome");

  4. Great work whole microsoft team.

    Sathya ( Truth) proved Bill gates trust on him.

    one of the finest decision Bill Gate made in 21st century.

    Sathya not only saved microsoft from greatest struggle to greatest company for next generation.

    Somany old alumini of Microsoft employees to should thank him in big way.

    Sathya has more challenges in his day to day family life. Still he focused on his own dream. That is called commitment.

    God bless you Sathya. Live long.

    He opened new Takshasila in USA.

    USA is building capitalist economy.

    South India is producing knowledge people to world.

  5. Ballmar and Sesame Street was more interesting, what the hell did I just watch

  6. manozr said:

    full of indians. even in google io was similar

  7. What is the true meaning behind the open source strategy?????????????!

  8. Great job by Satya, no doubt about it. He’s building huge amounts of computing power, it’s pretty exciting!

  9. Is it just me or are this freakish Lady make heavy to enjoy the Show, isn't this enoying like a p.i.t.a. sry. please be cool or quite

  10. "Want to make Azure as World's Computer" is a powerful vision!! Love to see the passion.

  11. All the "AI" jargon is getting ridiculous, and this video takes it to the next level. And for that reason, I am out.

  12. Dear Microsoft,

    All I want for Christmas is a surface phone.

  13. bla bla bla bla bla bla bla. Marketing BS incarnate. Nadella is the least engaging human on planet earth. At least we could laugh at Balmer, at least we didn't feel dead inside. Monotooooooone.

    There's no story, there's no narrative, there's no suspense, there's no beginning middle or end. It's just a lump of boring words. The anti-steve jobs. He never pauses to allow people to take things in, because nobody gives a s.

  14. JAY MCC said:

    Azure is awesome 👏 I like it with Microsoft software computing technology with windows 10 software computing. I want see what’s next with Microsoft. Ai is neat on any level

  15. Nadella could be saying "an asteroid is going to hit the earth in 11 minutes" and I would still tune out. The most waffly boring marketing buzzword man on earth. The entire presentation has no peaks and troughs, it's just 1 lump of nothing. His speech is 1 lump of nothing.

    Get better presenters. Scrw it just get SG to run the company.

  16. Microsoft has been fully taken over by the Diversity Powlice. They can't actually do anything useful BUT they aren't the untouchable caste (white/Asian men), and if there's one thing we hate, it's untouchables.

    So it's a safe assumption, anyone there who isn't a white/Asian man, doesn't deserve to be there, and is only there due to diversity initiatives (aka racist and sexist hiring practices). This harms any non Asian/white men who do deserve to be there the most.

    Funny how these extreme ideologies tend to backfire eh. Meritocracy now. End Racism and Sexism Now.

  17. Nadella is like some buzzwords AI tasked with outputting nonsense marketing phrases until you press his stop button.

  18. Its so sad that Windows is unimportant right now. No mention at all.

  19. There was NO moon landing and Microsoft knew it since long time. Even the blue smurf stage light show didn´t helped to save the lousy presentation 😀 It´s karma for telling the developers and public a big lie. Microsoft deserved it.

  20. 52:23 – LOL, about as successful as Windows 10 with it's forced updates breaking peoples PCs

  21. Seriously I know, a lot of indian's work in Microsoft but I didn't know this many indian's work there, almost 60 % of presentation team has indian's including the participants in the tech competition. But I liked few things in this build like elections verification, 3d virtual meeting etc. Satya keep up the good work, its goona take times to modernize Microsoft from legacy and be a future leader. And don't get me wrong I am an Indian too.

  22. Great moon landing demo. MSFT never disappoints in disappointing. 👌🏻

  23. Privacy is a Human Right, I totally agree. Is the Government listening?

  24. G3ØRGE said:

    Mmm… an Indian-American CEO and suddenly half Microsoft is Indian-American. Only 3/4 white men were present. The person in charge of the Diversity and Inclusion Program had a field day. Unlike the person in charge or running all the demos smoothly.

  25. Daniel said:

    <regarding hololens meeting at 2:08:00> the doll model he pulled up looks better than the avatar rendered by hololens for a real person.

    As an Apple fanboy I’ll add that memoji look better now.

  26. Daniel said:

    <regarding Cortana demo at 1:44:00>
    It looks fun for the stuff we have now, or had 2 years ago, but now we have watches and hey Siri in AirPods, and smart glasses soon, so this whole conversational assistant concept can be done with AirPods alone or AirPods + Watch, or glasses alone soon. Tech of assistant is amazing, but idea we should look and say stuff at phone all the time in future is idiotic. Phones are becoming ancient tech soon. Voice though…they are at least right about that.

  27. Daniel said:

    When did Microsoft become so boring?

  28. IndiaSoft 🙂 i love indians dont get me wrong cheers

  29. It's so exhausting to listen to the host screaming all along. She has a mic, please use it! I mean I understand that this is Build, but enthusiasm does not have to be built by volume.

  30. I don't know how but Nadella has the capability to make the build conference one of the most boring developer's event of the year. 👎👎👎

  31. whats wrong with your pants ?

  32. Wow that Edge features are great
    Hats off to Microsoft

  33. Why is this video so jarring!??

  34. I miss Ballmer screaming DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS!

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