KOSPET HOPE – Most Powerful Full Android Smartwatch, Any Good?

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KOSPET HOPE – Most Powerful Full Android Smartwatch, Any Good?


KOSPET HOPE – Most Powerful Full Android Smartwatch, Any Good?
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1.39 inch AMOLED Display
Resolution of 400×400
CPU: MTK6739 Quad-core 1.3Ghz
32GB Internal Storage
8MP Camera
Bluetooth 4.0
GPS / WiFi / 4G LTE (Nano sim)
Android v7.1
Heart Rate Monitor/Pedometer
620mAh Battery
IP67 Water-resistant (no swim)
Removal Straps

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30 thoughts

30 thoughts

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  1. Hello everyone, we have provided another data cable that supports file transfer. If you buy this product now, you will get two data cables. Users who have purchased it in 2018 can find this data cable on Aliexpress.

  2. Ez az óra csak 16 GB belső memóriával rendelkezik és csak 2 GB a ram. Két változat van. Nincs benne iránytü, sem vérnyomásmérő. Mindezek csak a 32 gb-osban vannak.

  3. Does it supports Indian Sim??

  4. Colin said:

    They fixed that usb thing all ready . its an other cable

  5. 3 GB Ram and 32 GB Rom, so… can it support Pokemon go?😂

  6. Did you install youtube from the "App Store" or the "Play Store"?

  7. does this smartwatch show notifications from the connected smartphone? like if you're getting a call or you get a message on your smartphone, will you be able to access it through the watch?

  8. Thanks for the review. I'm left handed and would like to flip the watch upside down (rotate it 180 degrees) and wear it on my right hand. Does anyone reading this know whether the the screen has a setting to rotate it? I'd like the camera to face out as it does when worn on the left hand. Thanks!

  9. I received my Kospet Hope today that I had ordered from Gearbest and had delivered to Thailand. To my surprise there were 2 cables included in the box. The second cable plugs into where the SIM card goes and allows you to charge as well as TRANSFER FILES via USB 🙂 Yes, plugged in, Settings/Connect/USB is highlighted and selectable 🙂

  10. i like the watch.but a want to use without sim card.it's possible to use whats up and sms and answer the call through bluetooth??

  11. Shal we hear songs using Bluetooth earphone connect with this watch????

  12. Im Dogo said:

    Should I get this or the Thor 4 plus, what more features does this have comparired to the Thor 4 plus or does it have the same amount of features?

  13. I bought the hope lite when ever notification comes it vibrates… And the keyboard too..when typing …where is the settings to stop this

  14. Excelent, excelent, excelent review… I agree with you this smartwatch has an great potential and the manufacturer has not exploit it… Best regard from Colombia…

  15. Does the smartwatch comes with running pace tracker? Thinking of buying one as a substitution for Garmin watch since its cheaper

  16. wireless file transfer is very easy download sweech done no need for a cable

  17. I've been on the hunt for a fully functioning PHONE REPLACEMENT watch, and this looks like just what im looking for! So, my question is: I'm currently with Koodo on my Samsung S8…are you saying that if I take the SIM card out of my phone, and put it in this watch..I can use this watch INSTEAD of my phone?? for good?? Thanks!!

  18. Colin said:

    I just bought one . lot better than my x5 plus . Some time you cant bring your phone in some places . so phone watch will work

  19. Chigz, is there website that takes a look at upcoming releases for wearables/smartwatches? I just bought this one, as well as the Thor 4 Dual. But I'd love to keep up to date on things that are in the pipeline, coming soon.

  20. Such a nice watch. Only if it had longer battery life. Just 2 days on standby.
    Im not a fan of camera on watch, thats pretty useless. Unless you're a spy. I would rather ask longer battery life. Kospet is a nice brand. Do they or anyone else provide a watch with minimum 5days of battery life within same price tag???

  21. Can you put a lockscreen passcode on it?

  22. Can you use Spotify on this watch?

  23. Does it support wifi calling? If not how to make it do so if possible?

  24. For USB transfer try changing this setting: Settings/About Watch/ Developer Options/ USB Debugging (activate)

  25. Chigz your clean approach is really appreciated. I was researching this watch for ages and discovered your channel and watched so many of your vids of other watches but this one didn’t yet exist. So I bought it anyway and yes, your observations are accurate. I would have bought it anyway but it’s all about managing expectations… once you know the playing field you can make your decisions with eyes open. I’m thrilled with the watch but yes the battery is not as awesome as other sources proclaim. So users have to spend the time figuring out the biggest power drainers and limiting/disabling them in the watch. Just like on a phone. Thanks again.

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