Khabib's Manager Says 0.0% Chance He Rematches Conor McGregor, Gunning for GSP | TMZ Sports

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Khabib's Manager Says 0.0% Chance He Rematches Conor McGregor, Gunning for GSP | TMZ Sports

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Sorry, Conor McGregor … there’s a “0.0% chance” you’ll get your rematch with Khabib Nurmagomedov — so says Khabib’s manager.


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47 thoughts

47 thoughts

Add yours

  1. GSP is Retired!! Khabib said Ferguson deserves a shot at the belt. I know Dana will make the fight happen. That's what the fans want!!

  2. Ayo_ Ocho said:

    No one cares about this fool anyways

  3. Thought UFC is picking opponents and khabib vs Connor would bring big millions

  4. Khabib has said that he'll only fight GSP at lightweight and i don't see GSP able to cut to 155, so i doubt that fight ever happens unless Khabib moves up to 170.


  6. Khabib walks round at 190 and won't fight at 170😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Yuvanath said:

    Khabib is just being a pussy now by not only trying to duck Tony but also wanting to fight GSP at 155!! Tony deserves the title shot next.. he should be like a mandatory now…

  8. "Conor is like a sour ex-girlfriend, she can't can't get anybody else. This is what Conor is, he is irrelevant". Very true words.

  9. Conor doesn't deserve a rematch he quit like a lil biiiiiiiiitch. And before Conor ever thinks about a rematch he needs to go give Aldo his with that lucky ass punch win. Conor ruined his own damn career and he needs to deal with it. And people, kids mainly need to realize in this real world and life you dont get third and fourth chances. Bad behaviour shouldn't be rewarded. Maybe in video games you can get 8 and 9 chances but this is real life.

  10. Yes akhi , we muslims we promote peace . My Allah give us a mercy and protect us from dis people .

  11. You are full of shit like islam 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🐒💨💩

  12. Did that dumb fuck just give Tony shit for never being a champion??? Wow! Maybe because the champions wont fight him. He destroyed 2 of them in Pettis and RDA. Keep duckin. Stick to fighting FWs. Pussies

  13. The guy in the pub deserves a rematch with conor.

  14. Khabib will do what he's told. Khabib works for the UFC not the other way around. Now, go get the Caucasian mans dry cleaning because that's why you are there.

  15. GSP never go down to 155,Khabib needs to go to 170,and i think Ferguson vs Khabib for the best 155er of all time,everything else is irrelevant.

  16. remember when mayweathers manager and dana said 0.0% chance he fights floyd lol

  17. We only care about Tony vs Khabib. GSP can't happen in 2019 he has to enter the USADA testing pool….unless they pull a Brock Lesnar. Glad to hear no Conor rematch

  18. Naz Ali said:

    Khabib replace the manager. This guy dont know how to talk and talks like he is tough. He is just ass licking khabibs fame and money.

  19. No one cares abt GSP fight. Why you scared of TONY

  20. Shut up do boy..Is Khabib ducking Tony?

  21. TOONZ FM said:

    "Surviving Khabib Nurmagomedov" the new show starring Conor McGregor 😂🤣

  22. What he actually wanna say is my client Khabib is a pussy ass bitch who doesn't wanna get beat that why he fights all these no names

  23. Bles said:

    Fuck that! We need to see khabib and tony

  24. Dirty Irishman ain't getting no love. Keep selling that whisky buddy.

  25. Haha right after khabib wins it seems like they don’t want the tony fight

  26. I don't care khabib vs GSP. I am fan of khabib but the only thing that's right is tony's next. He deserves a title shot.

  27. Square said:

    "I want GSP" "We already beat Conor" lmao this fool living his dreams through the fighters he manages.

  28. Khabib is trying to get through this never having to rematch anyone. Seems kind of like a way to never let anyone know what they are up against. Which is a Welterweight who can make LW who gives middleweights problems in the gym and beats them. These LWs need to know what they are up against and a rematch is the only way to allow this to happen.
    And sorry, i hate tl tell you all, Conor McGregor has the best chance to beat Khabib in a rematch.
    Conor does 100% better in rematches.
    Again, should that be next? Nope. But it should happen. And it will unless Khabib retires.
    But let me tell you why that isn't going to happen until the McGregor rematch.
    Because there would be far far too much money left on the table. And I do not believe that crap about legacy over profits. That is nonsense.

  29. Next fight must be tony vs khabib

  30. Sorry Folks but he is wrong. Khabib WILL rematch Conor or that will be the reason he no longer fights in the UFC.
    This guy is stupid. He is a BAD manager. Conor is the best money fight for Khabib.
    Don't let these people fool you. This is all about money way way before it is about legacy.

    Dont believe that, "hes a humble religious man therefore he cares not for cash" because that's nonsense.

    I see a lot of people saying, "Let the real fans have Tony vs Khabib"
    Yeah, that should be first and it will be. But if Tony balks they will use McGregor to not pay him CHAMP money. And Tony will make this difficult. Believe it.
    Then when Dana announces Conor Khabib 2 you will all be furious like its Danas fault. Tony needs to take the pay you get when you get a contenders match with a Champion and this will become a problem.

  31. hahahha ali abdelaziz that snitch don't give conor 0.00 rematch u r khabib manager u will see how conor will get that belt again ok Dana white and Conor r really close and they r so smart ok….khabib will fight Tony and Tony will get the belt and Conor will take the belt from Tony even if it is tough fight…then u will come and start begging conor to give u a title shot…..if this didn't work out conor will ring dana and after Tony I need rematch u will be forced to do what ur boss told u snitch…all ur fighters u manage Henry, khabib usman they r all champions but they are not real martial arts all are Grapplers they shouldn't be champions bcz they have one fighting style if they want to be a champion they have to be well rounded jones with multiple skill sell set bjj black belt muay thai..that is why jon jones is the p4p of all time as he proves his belt in bloody real fight ok tell khabib to do that instead of going for one leg the whole 5 rounds 28 matches…conor will get the belt from Tony and usman will lose his belt and Henry will lose against Dominick and Ali abdelaziz u will start crying then watch for ur words…u knw khabib is humble but u knw the day where all people r around the world hates u knew that day when u called Coach Owen roddy a bitch ok conor and khabib thing is other but how you call someone who is pioneer of the sport og of Irish mma a bitch that shows that ur not disciplined In mma ok….all conor's previous opponents knew who Owen roddy is nate, Chad, alvarez. huge respect for Owen and kavanagh…alleyways if u r man enough ali abdelaziz if u r man enough bring z match between khabib and nate..then I will say i r the best manager..u won't do that nate is too big for khabib and will finish khabib via submittion in some rounds..nate black belt bjj khabib never fought such kind of fighter like real legit black belt fighters…khabib like take down..previous nate opponents took nate to the ground all ended up either in arm bar or triangle submittion….nate is real Gangster u don't khabib to face nate bcz nate will exposes khabib standing holes, khabib bjj 0 skill many things…

  32. Alper said:

    Where the fuck is GSP coming from? Personal desire of Khabib and Aziz but not of the ufc fans. The man is already retired and not even a lightweight, what a fucking bullshit to call him out while Tony deserves it more than anyone and everybody wants to see that fight..?

  33. Let’s be honest khabib fucks tony up bad, Gsp would be a better fight

  34. Khabib is a pussy for that

  35. Conor is a ex broke girlfriend.
    Khabib has no time for small talk .. respect!!
    Manager your a realist! Bless..

  36. McGregor has fucked it

  37. LMFAO your scared to fight Conor again you no Conor will win you Muslim's have no respect look at t what that rat did he jumped the cage hitting people u call that respect your a bunch of rats who are scared to fight Conor again rematch and your rat will run back to that shit hole u live in and wear your dresses u bunch of bitchs

  38. Og Godwin said:

    What I want from Conor is him to fight some one like Cowboy or Dustin in Ireland to gain some respect

  39. Man, khabib and Ali trying to dodge Tony cause they know it's time..

  40. Gut-Z Guy said:

    Muslims do not promote peace. 🤬. At all. They deceive people into believing that to take advantage of them.

  41. Gut-Z Guy said:

    Khabib is afraid to fight Conor again. 😄 🤣

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