Install GeForce Now On Any Android Device! Nvidia Games Cloud Gaming

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Install GeForce Now On Any Android Device! Nvidia Games Cloud Gaming

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In this video, I show you how to install and setup Geforce Now otherwise known as Nvidia Games.
This allows you to stream your favorite PC games from a cloud-based gaming server directly to your Android Phone Tablet or TV. With the recent annulment of Google Stadia, this is an awesome way to enjoy your favorite PC games in HD on the go.

Nvidia Account:

Geforce now APK:

Epic Games Youtube channel:

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Equipment I Use:
Screen Capture Device:
Tool Kit:
Soldering Station:
Raspberry Pi 3 B Plus:
Flirc Case:

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49 thoughts

49 thoughts

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  1. HI there .. is it possibile to play or Buy fifa 19/ 20 on it PC version? ?thx

  2. To people who can't login nvidia
    Download any vpn
    Try logging in
    If successfull you won't need vpn anymore
    If not, try another ct

  3. What type tablet that you use ? Please reply me;)

  4. Anyone else getting the message… GENERAL ERROR. Unable to process the request, try again later

  5. Please tell me fast

  6. Bro games are not coming

  7. Already did everything, but the games still don't show up 🙁 Do I have to some kind of link my Steam account or Epic Games account to this? Thank you ☺

  8. Billy k said:

    Can you connect PS vita Moonlight to NVIDIA games Android ??

  9. Mcfly said:

    It works but I don't know why I have almost 1 sec lag on my Huawei mate 20 x … On my old redmi 5 plus on the other side, it works so smooth it isn't even funny! I would like to understand why…

  10. How to install in android 9

  11. I have error on creating accaunt – the page isn't aviable

  12. How to buy games to play on nvidia app I created account but I can't see any game

  13. do you have to map any of the controllers? if so how do you do it

  14. ANYONE WHO WANTS THIS ON A PC use scrcpy and it'll it'll give you a pc game experience

  15. NhatZu said:

    How can i sync my game from steam? Its not automatically sync my games

  16. why on my tab the NVIDIA page not showing any games?

  17. link cannot be use, The Nvidia Account

  18. Why isn't it available in the play store? 🙁

  19. Does 2.4 GHZ network even work?

  20. Do I need to add my steam and battle net account in order to run my games?

  21. Hitnem33 said:

    I've been playing Batman Arkham City, Ultra SF IV, and Skyrim on my Samsung Galaxy a10 and looks very decent with no lag.

  22. I have never played games through nvidia anywhere.. Is this feature available for new user's?? Like only on android??

  23. Dude Smach z review.

  24. It's not working I installed exact same apk version
    Games are not showing

  25. It loads but when i try to get in a game it will give me a error

  26. MELKM said:

    Galaxy S10+ Keeps saying that the app version is not supported by the phone :/ Help

  27. Man could you imagine using this app along side one of those Samsung DeX type adapters?! Oh the possibilities!


  29. It only works if you have received the email of the GeForce now access beta

  30. so i have games on steam, do i need to pay for nvidia services to play my games of steam?

  31. Ça marche, merciiii bcp l'amii

  32. Osea ,llevo 1 año con esta apk en mi tablet ,y tú sacas la noticia,ahora??

  33. i have s7 edge and says the device is not compatibile 🙁

  34. tried this on fire tv and it doesn't work smh

  35. Can u do an video how to show keyboard please

  36. ҉ said:

    Read the tittle incorrectly and was hoping to finally be able to play games from nvidia shield tablet k1 on any device

  37. Does not work in Austria!

  38. How do u set up remote on phone please help thanks

  39. Hi, tell any controller for Samsung Galaxy S10 to play PUBG MOBILE??

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