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28 thoughts

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  1. Is it possible for you to make a mod for gems instead of godmode

  2. Hello, I already installed the game and work ok, but I installed in a emulator (Nox) and I can't enter to a league because I can't write nothing, can't search a league… how may I do???

  3. Always problems with Raid no progress is saved always error no reason to download it

  4. I try to install apk but I get "App not instaled"

  5. How to save old progress the mod take me to lvl 1 please help bro

  6. Everything worked just one problem im stuck in the tutorial

  7. Error in League: we are sorry, we were inable to apply your progress to battle..

    No damage done ia being counted toward raids. It says 0 damage

  8. OZZY said:

    Anti ban?

  9. Bro I install the 3.0.1 from android-1 and it didn't post the update and I can't install any other mod over please help what should I do?

  10. It still says blocked by it admin I don’t know what to do

  11. fuuuuuc…. it won´t save your progress with the raids…and with the arena 🙁

  12. Looks like raids are patched in the new update. Battle progress will not be saved after the boss is defeated.

  13. So I don’t need to download the files if I just want to update my game? I tried that and it said app not installed

    Now it says blocked by IT Admin

  14. I am getting the App Not installed when I try to install the mod Apk. :/

  15. -SPACE- said:

    Can i log in with my previous account that was on modded version? it just made me start a new one

  16. Bhai how to save our old progress in mod plz help?, my game start from level 1 every time i try to use mod.

  17. what if we use mega app to download?

  18. Thanks my dude. Always coming in clutch.

  19. Hey. I already have the 3.0.1, im not an english speaker, so I pretty didnt understand much. You could explain here so i can translate it? I would appreciate so much

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