Huawei's problems with the US (Alphabet City)

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Huawei's problems with the US (Alphabet City)

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Some of the most intriguing smartphones in the world may face problems because of the US government. Meanwhile, owners of early Pixels may be due for a payout after a Google settlement. All that, your comments and more on this episode of Alphabet City.

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34 thoughts

34 thoughts

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  1. Yeah get a huawei if you want a competitor to NSA spying on you.

  2. I'm sorry but Brain Tong was a better host.. Cent always looses the good host that we know and love. But I'm happy for Brain Because he's moved on up to the East with a deluxe apartment in the sky. 😂😂😂

  3. c c said:

    all media,politicians,sports,corporations..r scripted &controlled by the world elite

  4. Devices are already being made in China, the iphone being the number one device. If the Chinese govt wanted to couldn't they just have Foxconn just put in special chips and such made my Wuawei but un-marked? What I'm saying is if we're going to worry about Huawei, shouldn't we worry about anything made in China? Then again there is no sigh that Wuawei would do anything, its just fear and speculation. If Huawei wants to make products for the US we should have engineers inspect them to make sure they're ok and if Wuawei wants their products in the US they'll let us. Should we fear China more than Russia or Korea, or the middle east? Or is this just trump trying to keep our eyes off his friends by making us think China is the bigger threat? I personally think the bigger threat is closer to home and rhymes with dump.

  5. BiaLyq said:

    Polska przejmuje ten film chu chuj chuj chuiij chuc hasoefhn'olasweryhfdr;o9yhao9fclhawow'ithnpXDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!11!11!!!!1!!!!!

  6. They have many cellphone brand in the world…not only huawei apple samsung…..they have many countries in the world not only US china…so whats the problem?

  7. Thanks for another outstanding episode Iyaz, looking forward to the next.

    I'm still maintaining that twice a week for this show is no problem with Android's range and diversity, have a good one.

  8. Android OS is based on the Linux kernal but then isn't everybody??? 😉

  9. @2:45 …And during their upcoming event, Apple would claim (lie) that they sold/shipped more smartphones than every other company combined…. and the gullible crowd would just eat it up and clap uncontrollably.

  10. This show is amazing! Much better than FPT

  11. Huawei will eat Android & Apple is afraid that no one is buying their phone so they shake hands with Google and did this politics that's all

  12. How do we take advantage of the google lawsuit?

  13. China can develop its own fried rice OS

  14. Øystein said:

    Huawei already have had their own app store along side google playstore for a long time on their phones. Just like Samsung and others

  15. Can Huawei produce phones without American companies? Sure
    Would they like to avoid it? Hell Yeah

  16. jamesgjt said:

    The reason of banning huawei on 5g equipment for ISP is justified, but the reason of banning the phone too is not. Seriously, phone use data and wifi connection which basically can be monitored by the ISP, banning the ISP equipment from using huawei is enough, no need to ban the phone itself in consumer level. (Except their phones has backdoor that other person can be connected through bluetooth, wifi, or any wireless way… )

  17. Then I guess the US companies won’t be able to do anything to huawei and patent issues.

  18. Huawei doesn't have a problem with the US. The US Government oppresses and torment Huawei because it is successful in 5G and telecommunication and US couldn't compete anymore. It is government intrusion in the worst way. The current US government does not respect any forms of international laws or norms

  19. America just make china have their own os.. now we got more pirated app and free thanks to trump..

  20. Why would anyone even want a Huawei device when there’s so many other options here in the states?

  21. It makes me nervous to think that what if Huawei and China were never cheaters and were always playing fairly, and that tariffs were made to punish the world just so a handful of people can get rich. So if they are bad and evil, we should nuke them and make them pay for their crimes that the USA has never committed, but if the USA has been cheating or lying, they should be exposed too. During the Obama administration, the USA was already caught spying on its own citizens along with allied nations, spying illegally and they were never accountable for that.

  22. as one who works at Verizon, for the first pixel model, we had A LOT of people come in with microphone issues. And a lot of them had to get an insurance claim because of it! I am glad to finally see this resolved!!

  23. That sucks. You need to have a good alphabet and it needs to know what it's doing especially in America. That's ridiculous that's what the cell phones all about you use that keyboard everyday. Pure nonsense!

  24. Thanks for moving the comments to the end of the show. 👍

  25. Z- Boo said:

    leader of freedom THE U!S!A!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Waka Ole said:

    Huawei Rules the World by 2020. They going to launch their own software… Better then android.

  27. Back in 2013 blackberry said they will make their own android system, look at them now

  28. Another act of bully exercised by US regime. If countries around the world don't wake up and follow Iran's path, they will taste the shame and the indignity by the US bullies.

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