Huawei OS Was Never An Android Replacement

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Huawei OS Was Never An Android Replacement

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Huawei’s Hongmeng OS was never intended to be an Android replacement according to a high ranking Huawei executive.

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42 thoughts

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  3. 🤥 A Chinese company that lies, shocking. Hey Lew, how about you do a video detailing exactly how Huawei was created and how they didn’t even try hiding how they blatantly stole products and sold them with their logo.

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  5. SAMSUNG HAS A ALL DAY BATTERY IN THEIR A range and fast charge … Hopefully a all weak battery will be launched

  6. The worst software ever launched by SAMSUNG is the tizan OS …on their Z range …Phone updates are impossible. ……….. think that was samsung own back up software for their users sux. … Other software would have to be better than andriod actually. ……….. Just example of software .. I think Apple should go andriod ….I'm not keen on Apple phones , for various reasons

  7. Joe said:

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  9. Well I hope Ark OS could be something new and faster…

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  11. HIDCOMMY said:

    It just huawei tactic, attack : all out with ARK, defense: is our research for others purpose …… if time allow, i think huawei will all out for it.

  12. mijmijrm said:

    the folding phone is likely to have a similar meh response as the smart watch.

  13. mijmijrm said:

    They'll still be working on the fallback – US politics influence on trade is unpredictable. Maybe this statement is in response to more confidence in Android availibility.

  14. What a grate show. thanks guys

  15. Man….. Huaiwai is lying so hard…… they say they are working on an OS for phone but now saying it's for industrial purposes….

  16. Huawei OS Was Never An Android Replacement, because android was released again XDD

  17. Hahaha… I called it on arrival, there are several of my posts from that time as proof. This was a desperate lie to stabilize the stock price and prevent a fire sale. You have to be a naive clown to believe a company has a operating system just lying around and who would have thunk it, it's even better than the market standard.

  18. MJ Shi said:

    Huawei slaps Chinese government face whose propaganda claimed this OS was a Google replacement, fooling the ignorant Chinese people

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  23. DND said:

    Do you not think, Google will say, Yes we already found that Bug and are releasing a patch… When in fact they just stole your work and had no Idea. Then its he said she said situation!!!

  24. I hear this Huawei report and to me it says we have an android replacement but with Android open to us again we're going to keep developing hongmeng just ignore us while we build it behind closed doors like we were doing for the last few yrs

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  27. The challenge isn't in building an operating system but rather evolving it overtime to be more secure, have more features and get industry adoption which takes a lot of r&d and money…

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  32. But still, the fact they posted that their working on an Os that will be 60% Faster than Android and Mac Os after getting banned still targeted Android while openly stating to work on an Os for Huawei Phones.

  33. LenNay said:

    bug bounty programs arent a new thing

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  35. I know that since then and am happy those who have been saying Huawei is will be better than android

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