Huawei Is Back In Business!

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Huawei Is Back In Business!

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Sales to Huawei from US firms are likely to restart in the next couple weeks. This would mean companies like Google, Intel, Qualcomm etc. could once again sell components to/support Huawei devices.

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48 thoughts

48 thoughts

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  1. Why do the United States always want to start the ban on Huawei?
    Huawei uses sub-6 2-6GHz sub-micron wave 5G is Huawei's lower frequency wave communication is far away to save equipment investment. Therefore, Huawei can be more than the six-fold price of Nokia Elixin. Therefore, the sub-6 frequency band has the US military communication command band. Huawei is deliberately trying to interfere with the US military. The US military is fighting the US military. The US military uses the 30 GHz millimeter wave. The 5G transmission rate is ten times different. Huawei 5G is not up to standard or unqualified or Huawei is not 5G at all. Just a little better than 4G.

  2. bao kkao said:

    How about the Security Concerns of being Spied On?

  3. Um no. Huawei is not going to be back in business any time soon. Ccp has not held onto its end of the bargain so no. Also the shipments for public sale can be different from the ones for inspection. And by the time gov is doing random inspections after huawei enters usa, it would be too late to take back all of them from the hands of citizens.
    No thanks, i dont want the ccp’s center piece technology to their world domination be anywhere near me.

  4. If Huawei is allowed to buy US products, that doesn't mean Huawei is going to. As long as US wants ridiculous amounts of tax from their companies and people, Huawei would only be funding war, propaganda, censoring hackers and technology theft for example. On the other hand, US companies are allowed to buy products from Huawei too, and Huawei products are proven to be much more secure. You do the math. 😁

  5. Agezry said:

    About Astronauts and YouTubers. Why China's chart is not summing up to 100%?

  6. Man the legacy Car company are trying hard to get the headline…….. boasting about charging time when the technology Haven't been invented 😂😂😂😂😂

  7. What if we want a game at the moment? I may not want to download the game, I may not want to wait for a day or two or a week(If you do not have Prime)? It is a place to go get a game immediately without having to walk through a Walmart or Target. Especially when some of these giant retailers do not have the library a GameStop may have. Just a thought.

  8. In regards to the podcasts, I think there should be a small section for comments. Reacting to the podcast, mentioning things and such. Just my opinion.

  9. I prefer YouTube on desktop. But I use mobile app all the time coz play it on a Chromecast.

  10. i really like u guys good talks

  11. Why not just waste a shitload of power just so we can charge without a wire…
    Please all of you kill yourself.

  12. Dude are you Unbox Therapy's brother? You seriously sound and look like him. (lol)

  13. can someone explain me what means banana? is it mean bad, good, or weird. i am not english speaker, and cant understand that. actually i use that videos to train my english hearing.

  14. Is it just me or is the US distracting everyone with the Area 51 raid from Trump surrendering the power to these tech companies?

  15. every episode "What time to be alive!" Lew is so happy to be living lol

  16. Smartphones are for stupid people. Smart people own a $20 flip phone with no GPS, no camera, no microphone, no apps, and no access to personal information. One day all you drones will have a USB port out the back of your head so I can charge my flip phone while you shine my shoes.

  17. Fuck Huawei, which is basically a weapon of the Chinese Communist Party.

  18. I'm a teen who tried juul and one time even weed but thankfully I never got addicted to it.

  19. Lew
    What's your opinion on Neuralink by Elon musk

  20. Finally the lazy boys are gonna cry again
    Let's continue like this

  21. T2 said:

    Huawei is contributing $billions to the U.S economy. Banning Huawei = commiting suicide. You don't fight against the $$$!

  22. This is why Youtube is a place for fake news. It’s not even confirmed and the title says otherwise.

  23. I forgot to smoke you had to be 85 and ugly

  24. How much do you have invested in this company Lew? It’s all you talk about.

  25. You actually haven't really reviewed the p30 pro after using it, and I'm really curious… Is there still a vid coming or did I just miss it somehow? Greetings from Germany ^^

  26. Americans are too stupid for words.

  27. U wont take my money but my time listening to this good stuff

  28. imagine wanting to be a vlogger or youtuber over a professional athlete. fucking lmfao.

  29. N Silva said:

    Sure, until Trump sees this video and then changes his mind just to piss every off. There was no intent Lew, Trump is just a psychopath who like to wield power. He gets off on it. Tariffs on. Tariffs off. Its like a mob boss threatening to cut your fingers off.

  30. As someone who consumes the majority of his content from Youtube I prefer the desktop version as it's easier to load multiple videos and put videos on the watch list versus the mobile version.

  31. Ran said:

    So Huawei win the battle with US government?

  32. Will’s mic stand needs to stop shaking ahaha

  33. You should chek out RIMAC concept 2. It is the fastest acceleration hyper electric car on the planet. 0-60 mph in 1.9sec

  34. The pronunciation for Xi should sound like "sea", not "geez"

  35. I don’t like owing content exclusively online, cause I feel like a tenant. The moment I decide not to pay for the whole service, which I may not be using btw, I’m left with nothing. I don’t see a way out, though, but it sucks from this perspective.

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