Huawei/Honor Banned by Google Android! How Does That Affect Indian Users? (Explained in Hindi)

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Huawei/Honor Banned by Google Android! How Does That Affect Indian Users? (Explained in Hindi)

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Google announced that it is suspending key business activity with Huawei. Watch this video to find out how does it affect Indian consumers. Should you buy Huawei or Honor phones or not? What will happen to existing devices?

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29 thoughts

29 thoughts

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  1. kisna said:

    Sad news

  2. itna chutiya mat bnao market ki bat hai sab theek ho jayega ku6 dino me

  3. bhai kaha se pad ke ye sab bta rahe ho

    itna to google or huawei ko bhi nhi pta hai

  4. god say said:

    मित्रो हुवाई फोन्स पे आगे से गूगल का अपडेट मिलना चाहिए कि नहीं चाहिए 😜😜😜😜

  5. Americans are loosing the race in 5G..
    Chinese are no less but Americans do not want to loose their monopoly..
    Google, amazon work in cooperation with Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) which is a known fact.

  6. wilson k said:

    Camera me dekh kar Baath kar chutia

  7. maine janury mai liya mobile kisa baldu isko 16k mai liya 10k bhi nhi dega koi ban horaha hai pata calega to

  8. Arre bhai log tension mat lo, kuch nahi hoga Huawei and Honor ko
    Aaram se use kro
    Aaj kal youtube pe sb bakwass krta hai

  9. Also invite Google CEO to visit India and slap his motherfucking face

  10. चीन हो भाइ लोक गुगलका विकाल्प चीन जरुर निकालेका चीन दुनियाँका एक नम्बर टेक्नोलोजी दुनियाँमा उसका कुच टेन्सन नै।

  11. If Huawei and any Chinese apps like Wechat is allowed outside China then, YouTube and Facebook should be allowed inside China too. It fair to play game fairly.

  12. Huawei jab apna os banalega.
    Jab dhakka us Ko lagega

  13. What should i do. Recently I spend most of my money to buy honor play and now they are telling to change the phone. What would we poor do

  14. thik kiya google ne china zyada kr rah hai plus india k liye china ek khatra hai. china khud google youtube ban karke rakha huwa hai china mei. google ko ye step pehele le lena tha

  15. Oppo,vivo, redmi & one plus pe bhi ban hona chahiye…😂😂

  16. xiaomi bhi to chainess company hai ya kew nahe ban hua ? kisi ko pata ho to bata na

  17. China me Google Facebook ban hai..Ab jab huwai phone poore world me ban honge tab China ko ahsas hoga…ki ye dogla pan jyada din nhi chalega…. India 🇮🇳 me log Google ke product hi jyada use krte hai..chahe crome ho.. YouTube, Gmail,

  18. Huawei already said that they created os since 2012 they are prepaed for that day. And CEO said that their os support all android apps

  19. Why they need Intel or snapdragon beacause they have kirin processer

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