Huawei CEO says he underestimated impact of US ban

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Huawei CEO says he underestimated impact of US ban

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Speaking on the impact of the US ban, Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei said his company has been hit worse than expected. Mr Ren expects revenue to drop to around $100 billion for the next two years, down from the $125 billion projected in February.

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45 thoughts

45 thoughts

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  1. tractor said:

    Gig Deal ! For consumers , this is nothing. Big money are in deals with Government, military, not with you, kids under 17 years old. I don't buy anything from communist China .

  2. Saeed said:

    Stupid western media. A drop from 125 to 100 is a big loss? If I was CEO, I would have given the US another 25 billion to buy diapers to cover their baby cry asses.

  3. Good keep the pressure on till the communist party in China fall apart .
    Never ever trust the communist

  4. Very nasty way of doing business. China can do the same . Get all the Chinese to stop buying any Trump development projects. Nasty Nasty Nasty

  5. Lorenzo said:

    Other countries should rise in power too. Too much dependence on U.S. on things like this can lead to U.S. bullying you.

  6. Lng Kfan said:

    Huawei CEO, Mr Ren is very humble.

  7. Buy HUAWEI break the embargo of Google and jews

  8. 😂 that's not what he was saying 2 weeks ago!!! 😅 Trump 2020

  9. The Chinese when they say, loss, that means loss in profit but still more than break even.

  10. And other Chinese phone companies cheer in cocaine.

  11. i want to be spied by huawei!

  12. Fake news I will block this Chanel

  13. This is BS , purposely misleading

  14. God Bless Huawei Company And Free Mrs Meng CFO Huawei Company, …… Cerrio.👍👍👍.

  15. Kiasu's Whitewashed, White-azz licking Channel. CNA.

  16. What America found is you can't trust China because they are proud to be known as the "thieves of the world".

    They will take whatever isn't tied down, a very dishonorable Godless people.

    Why would America want that device sold in the USA? That's laughable, they are using the phones as a hacking platform, it's a security risk.

    Buy American, problem solved.

    I liked them better as a third world nation anyways, let this be a lesson to never feed the dogs from the table.

  17. US gave Huawei the best free advertising ever, now the whole world know this company

  18. XxXZz said:

    That's some shitty necromancy language

  19. Fake news he never said that. 😬😬

  20. Huawei is toast without US tech

  21. Oratio G said:

    If Huawei sells 1 trillion phones in China it won't help China's economy. The need to sell outside China. Mr Ren you'll make your billions though.

  22. amazing video, who agrees ?

  23. the translation is totally miss leading, either your channel cannot find someone speaking chinese or you are doing this on purpose

  24. myclicks said:

    I wonder why the US haven't not targeted DJI and Lenovo, as these companies are much bigger threat then Huawei. DJI could literally launch attacks anywhere in the US by highjacking their drones. Lenovo is just everywhere now, probably too late to fight them.

  25. Complete and deliberate misrepresentation on what Ren said. He specifically said "he underestimated the scale of US sanctions on his company therefore needing to activate his contingencies" and not "underestimating the impact on his company." I am disgusted by this news channel. Truely

  26. J T said:

    Lol huawei side admit lesser profit, few billion lesser in their earning.
    US must really be proud, manage to cut down huawei profit! Oh they forget to mention how much billions in revenue US losing?

  27. Kam Ts said:

    Apple also rely on other supply chain from different country, it's not fair for USA do that to China,

  28. mike ho said:

    CNA u r so damn blind and deaf for not able to read and vuew tge whole talk? the full response from Huawei is different from waht you r reporting. U r misleading your readers! Show the whole talk !!! Be responsible for your intention!!?

  29. zxcvbn said:

    First give a Huawei smartphone to every Chinese free, all 1.4 billion of them. Socialism gives everything free to citizens.

  30. They want to talk about patents. Is there no counterfeit and technology being stolen by China? They expect everyone to follow the rules but it never applies to them.

  31. Zack 691 said:

    It's just political policy, Trump is businessman to begin with. Being US President, he can do whatever he likes especially to protect his business assets and eliminating foreign businesses that would be the threat of his companies someday

  32. Watched whole interview and he said something totally different like that all of them are hit by this ban.

  33. Hongmeng will only be used in china, the world will stay with android. Samsung tried the same with Tizen but failed.

  34. When the whole USA fighting on a single non-listed company, and the company is still working just fine with some damaged, this comaony is really powerful.

  35. No worry i just bought a Huawei phone, best!

  36. US wants to ban a company (Huawei). China wants to ban a country (Taiwan). Who is worst? 😂😂

  37. China banned Facebook, Youtube, Google and other tech company. What's the fuss in banning Huawei too😂😂😂

  38. ibcyt said:

    Look at all those American loosers in the comments section, saying Huawei stole that or its spying for Beijing, blah blah while just like their clownish government could not provide a SHRED of evidence. On the contrary back doors for NSA in Cisco have been consistently been found and reported. One of the rare decent American ever to have lived Edward Snowden has already provided more than enough evidence that whatever the US is accusing Huawei of doing she has been doing it for decades to friends and foes alike… Hell the NSA has hacked Huawei and have obtained her source code AND STILL CAN'T EVIDENCE. Is Huawei that good or does the the NSA just sucks or the typical lying American government (WMD in IRDQ?)? BTW China didn't "ban" FB, Google, etc….. if they are willing to obey the law in China no matter how draconian they are, they are able to operate PERIOD. Both BING and Yahoo search engines works in China, cause they are willing to obey the Chinese law. You don't have to like the laws you are subject to in China or any other country, but if you want to operate there you just simply have to obey their laws – PERIOD. So there goes another one of the American Myths repeated constantly by her poorly educated masses… no wonder they have to consistently depend on immigration to bring in great minds to built up their economy. BTW American 5G uses mainly high frequency bands while Huawei and as a matter of fact most of ROW uses low frequency which is SUPERIOR to those American fake 5G(e) which a simple door can block the signal. Face it yanks… you used to lead in ALL ares but now the US basically only still lead in 2 areas toxic Social Media and making WMD. But the US are rapidly catching up when it comes to Urban Slums and crippling student debt that isn't forgivable even after you die. Count your days…. the areas that used to make US great the US lost its lead or its in the process of loosing it, while growing rapidly in areas that will ultimately bring you down on your knees (never ending Wars, addiction to toxic Social Media, Crippling Student Debts, drug additions, urban slums, etc).

  39. Someone don't care if China wipe out America with Two or three large nuclear missile and made them extinct

  40. Creativity and innovation are bred from a free society. The reasons they are , copying, cheating and stealing for 35 years proved that nothing comes out from a chained mind.

    Right now they have the spin offs from the 35 years. When all these avenues are cut off, the country will regress.

    The trade war, in place of a world war is a battle where the free world don't lose any lives to stop the rise and expansion of communism.

  41. The fact is that even the wily Chinese were not prepared for someone like Trump.

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