How to send Android SMS Text Messages from any computer with Google Messages for Web – TheTechieGuy

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How to send Android SMS Text Messages from any computer with Google Messages for Web – TheTechieGuy

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What is Google Messages for Web? How you can send SMS Messages from your computer with Google Message for Web? these are common questions – why be interrupted when a new message comes in?
Now a new feature allows you to connect your Android phone to your computer so you can send and receive messages with your web browser. And its simple to set up.

How to send and receive Android Messages from your computer
Step 1: go to
Step 2: open the Messages app on your phone
Step 3: Click on the three dots
Step 4: select Message via Web
Step 5: scan the QR code



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7 thoughts

7 thoughts

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  1. cannot lookup contacts on PC, why?

  2. U Do It said:

    My friend Andy just brought mightytext app to my attention. It also offers SMS from PC/tablet. He said it is slightly laggy with group text.

  3. U Do It said:

    "messages for web" rank 10! SEO on steroids bruh!

  4. Hey Liron, I wonder if you can help. Samsung seems to have taken out the Sigle Tap answering option for calls. This is awful for me, I can't believe they would do that without providing an alternative. Do you have any advice at all?

  5. Does it work on Note 9? I can't see Messages for Web in Messages app of Note 9 Pie Version.

    PS: Sorry, i thought the stock Messages app of Note 9.

  6. Gotta love having everything controlled in one place!

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