How to Download PUBG Mobile Chinese Version! (iOS/Android Tutorial)

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How to Download PUBG Mobile Chinese Version! (iOS/Android Tutorial)

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“How to Download PUBG Mobile Chinese Version 2019 iOS/Android! PUBG Mobile Chinese Version Download Link iOS/Android Easy – How to Download PUBG Mobile Lite Latest Version iOS/Android! PUBG Mobile Tips Tricks (How to Download and Play Beta Version Early New Update 2019) PUBG Mobile Download China Version Tutorial”


Android Link (click link, tap Android icon):

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Hey everyone! Want to play new updates early? Want to get the beta of Season 7 early in PUBG Mobile before everyone else? Want to play exclusive game modes not found in the global version of PUBG Mobile, including Dragon Mode, using the Skorpion, and more? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’ll want to check out the Lightspeed version of PUBG Mobile Chinese Version! In this video, I provide a comprehensive guide explaining exactly how to get this exclusive version of PUBG Mobile on both iOS and Android! I hope this helped you!

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