How to Download And Install Aarogya Setu App Apk On Android

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How to Download And Install Aarogya Setu App Apk On Android

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The arogya setu app is a virtual diagnostic center in your pocket that is going to keep India abreast of the risks of exposure to the coronavirus and enable you to take precautionary measures to protect yourself and all your loved ones. Yes, this is a fact and not an April fool’s prank. Download the arogya setu app as quickly as the internet will allow you to, activate it and start using it right away, it is the Indian govt’s corona tracking app that will keep you on the alert for the potential risks you are exposed to, no matter where you are.
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The downloading process is absolutely simple and not unlike any other app that you have on your phone. Engaging your smartphone’s GPS and Bluetooth capability you will be alerted if you are in the vicinity of a carrier or host of the coronavirus, giving you ample time to distance yourself from that carrier. The genius of this app does not end there; the next step is it will capture and save the carrier’s user data to alert the government.
To safeguard against intrusion by third parties, the app’s privacy policy disallows the sharing of that data with a third party, so rest assured the information captured is safe and in the hands of only one party; the government. With the kind of cellular connectivity that we are enabled with these days, there is no lack of information on the pandemic. However, how much of that information is accurate and can be relied on is anyone’s guess, since a lot of it is by word of mouth and hearsay.

Arogya setu once installed and active, is going to be tracking information more actively than was otherwise humanly possible. This is also going to be far more accurate with the information captured, therefore curbing the spread of the coronavirus. For android devices, the app is available on play store while for iOS on the app store. Here are some of the amazing features and benefits of the app.
Get the Arogya Setu App apk
If you are unable to download the app from Play store due to internet connectivity issue or any other problem, you can install it via apk file. Please understand that .apk files can be modified so it’s not recommended to use them but still if you need the app, you can ask your friend or any known person who have already installed it, to send the apk file to you via Share it. This way, you can download the app without fear that the source code is modified by cybercriminals.
It is equipped to conduct an assessment on yourself a self-assessment just as simple as a digital thermometer. All you need to do is input some of your personal information and medical history and you will receive the results. There are other additional features in the app that updates you with periodical updates on the spread of the virus. You have these Twitter updates which go to everyone that has installed the app. You will always have updated information on the nearest coronavirus help centres, regardless of where you are located.

Surprisingly this app which was developed jointly by the National Informatics Center (NIC) and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, has done an amazing job of pulling this off in a relatively short period of time amidst the pandemic. So let us with no further delay put it to the test and stay safe.

Related questions and Answers

Is “Aarogya Setu” Official app for Corona (COVID 19) tracking in India?
Yes, this is the official mobile application. It is developed by NIC & meitY together.

How does this app work?
It uses location data of the user & analysis it with the government’s record of Corona cases. Then it tells users if they are nearby any COVID 19 patient or not.

Currently, Arogya Setu App is available on which platforms?
This app is available for Android iOS (Android 5.1 onwards) & iOS (10.3 or later)

Is it safe to install this app via .apk file?
Using .apk files is risky. Avoid using via this mode if possible.


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