How to Create a Custom Notification on Android

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How to Create a Custom Notification on Android

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In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a notification with a custom layout in Android. This adds more possibilities over the pre-defined default styles for small and expandable notifications (like BigTextStyle and BigPictureStyle).

To create a custom notification, we have to prepare 2 XML layouts for the collapsed view and the expanded view. We send these layouts via RemoteViews to the notification manager by passing them to setCustomContentView, setCustomBigContentView and optionally setCustomHeadsUpContentView. To ensure a consistent look with other notifications, we should use TextAppearance.Compat.Notification text styles and consider setting the DecoratedCustomViewStyle on our NotificationCompat.Builder.
To change the contents of our notification at runtime, we can call various setter methods like setTextViewText or setImageViewResource on our RemoteViews. To define a click behavior, we have to call setOnClickPendingIntent and pass it a PendingIntent that either triggers a BroadcastReceiver or starts an activity or service.
As usual, we need at least 1 notification channel to display our notification on Android Oreo and higher, and we show and cancel our notification with the NotificationManagerCompat.

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Custom Notification

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