Hisense H8F Series 4K ULED 55 Inch Android TV – $500

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Hisense H8F Series 4K ULED 55 Inch Android TV – $500

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Hiesense H8F 4K ULED 55 Inch Android TV – $500
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28 thoughts

28 thoughts

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  1. Can I install showbox in this tv or any app in the app store?

  2. Flossy, looking for the best 50" TV under 500 bucks. you still like this one or any other suggestions?

  3. I'm gunna get me one of those here tv thangs.

  4. JKO716 said:

    Quick question since I can't really tell by the camera, this can't go head to head with QLED right?

  5. anyone else impressed with the table's perfect reflection making the TV look a bit transparent?

  6. We want white shoes we want white shoes 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Yeti K said:

    @Flossy Carter, will this fit on a 47 inch TV stand?

  8. Grabbed this and everyone at the house loves it. Even after a week, I'm still hearing "Wow this TV is great"

  9. Am I not getting the Sunday night savage because I have been looking and waiting what’s up B

  10. Chavy X said:

    Hisense h8f or Vizio p series?

  11. The true battle. 500 for this or 999 for the b8 LG OLED

    Ugh send help lol

  12. j said:

    Why do you always sound aggressive

  13. JIMWEL said:

    There's this samsung 8k tv that costs $77k lol just letting u know.

  14. I bought this tv 📺 it is awesome 👏
    You can’t connect your IPhone 📱 to this nice tv 🤧🤧🤧🤧
    I m going to return it because of this problem 😶😶😶
    I love this tv 📺 but I have to return it

  15. I also see you Flossy over there in Long Beach that's a great TV and that camera Is bomb so vibrant with the colors…… Also that FATALITY was dope is HELL…….

  16. zee fee said:

    Ur cool man, i like ur manly voice hahaha

  17. I have a sealy question? The ULED thing on Hisense is the same Oled on Sony and QLED on Samsung?

  18. I'm late to the show, but one gripe I have about my Hisense TV is the volume. If it's on 1 it sounds like 15 on any other TV 😂.

  19. this or tcl 6 series? When did this tv get released? Is it a 2019 model?

  20. @FlossyCarter I wonder is it possible to download the Showbox app on that tv

  21. I was looking at some other hisense and Panasonic tv on Argos for almost £300 but if I’m ever able to get the money for this imma get this this is sick

  22. Would you recommend this over the 55 inch TLC 6 series ? Both about the same price

  23. Yo floss in your Sony camera review video you were so close to one of my favorite restaurants. It's called Louisiana Charlie's. Great Cajun food. Stay blessed brotha & hope you enjoyed your time here in Cali. Much love from Compton

  24. Do you notice the darker than normal corners on this tv?

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