Guvna B on how music can take people away from knife crime.

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Guvna B on how music can take people away from knife crime.

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One person trying to raise more awareness on the issue of knife crime is award-winning grime artist Guvna B, who delivers anti-knife crime messages through his gospel lyrics.

He told Sky News: “If we encourage young people and let them know they’re not just here to make up the numbers or be a name on a register, but actually they can give something to the world, it gives them something to wake up for and a goal to achieve.”

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30 thoughts

30 thoughts

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  1. J Bagger said:

    Or the government can end mass immigration, build more housing, invest in infrastructure and trades.
    But this would be hard and the neither the left or the right wants to do it, the left because they don't live in the real World, the right because they want cheap workers.

  2. Wa ge said:

    Yes.. worked well in America with gangster rap. Absolutely nothing to do with left wing dependency politics. Destroy the family and create a one party state.

  3. Listen to Christian rap, music is already there the problem is some cultures are more predisposed to violence than others and that's what nobody wants to say. While that is the case and drugs and money are involved, forget it. Take it from someone who lives on a London council estate, this will just get worse and worse. Thank 70 years of liberal lunacy for this.

  4. UK LAD said:

    This awful Government have created this violence in young people the sooner they are gone the better

  5. Always turn it on when there is crisis

  6. It’s black peoples fault

  7. Bobby A said:

    what about the nimitz encounter…. tic tac….. ufo….. the human life form is not alone..

  8. Chansai said:

    SKY disable comments of certain videos, such as the Assange video, because THEY want to control the narrative. SKY News = FAKE NEWS.

  9. Yet to see any evidence of 'enrichment' from these people

  10. Repatriation would diminish it by rather a lot…

  11. Well Sky has deleted my comment showing crime statistics…

  12. We imported these problems. It's only gonna get worse.

  13. Music artists should begin making lyrics that encourage sharing and thinking about each other, helping the needy, and playing safe

  14. Legalisation of cannabis would help stop knife crime.

  15. Not using your knife in a bad way tends to take people away from knife crimes

  16. What about knife on knife fights though?

  17. Any kind of music that incites violence, ban them. Any music that promotes love, play it.

  18. RR Extra said:

    another boule bird boy actor

  19. Unless they begin glorifying it

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