GTA IV / GLS IV Android || Installation Tutorial || R-USER Games ™

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GTA IV / GLS IV Android || Installation Tutorial || R-USER Games ™

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——To Get Key——
Guys, I need more views, in my last video I have reached 100k, in this video I need at least 75k views for key😅. Please Share this video it’s my request too.
And guys I’ll make updates.

Thanks for reaching me to get 20k subscribers.
Guys you did it, Achievement succeed. But I’m sad, because some of them didn’t trust me (I saw many comments) so I put a license key option to play free roam. I want make them to ask sorry.

You have to install all the parts of the description of his video, then the GLS-IV.ZIP.001 you extract it in a folder GLS IV in your downloads folder and then you install the r-user game installer (in his description also ) you will have a tab GLS IV and you press on install.Tu extract that the GLS-IV.ZIP.001 the others you me them together in the file downloads / GLS IV

License: user2019
But don’t forget to Goal 75k views,
If I reach 75k views then I’ll continue project.

Earn Money:


How to pass Ads (Clicksfly) :


R-USER Installer (*.ruser) (2MB):

GLS-V : 80+80+80+80+67 = 387MB
Part1 (80MB) :
Part2 (80MB) :
Part3 (80MB) :
Part4 (80MB) :
Part5 (67MB) :

Password: rusergames

R-USER Social Club:
Facebook: Rahul User
Instagram: @rusergames

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