Granny Blocky Neighbor. Craft Escape ~ LEVEL 13 COMPLETE! Android, iOS Game

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Granny Blocky Neighbor. Craft Escape ~ LEVEL 13 COMPLETE! Android, iOS Game

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Hi guys! Let’s run away from the blocky granny together. I will record many episodes about my meetings with this unusual neighbor. Together, of course, it is interesting to play this game and share your impressions. Waiting for your comments and reactions to what they saw.

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Very often you noticed that she behaves strangely. She often said hello, watched you and laughed. You decided not to tell your parents about it and find out her terrible secrets alone. One fine day, you decided to enter this huge blocky house and find out what secret your new evil neighbor is hiding. As soon as she saw you, she became very angry and began to run after you. You managed to escape to your home. You told your parents and your granny about it, but they did not believe it. She seemed friendly to them and they did not believe your words. After these events, you decided to investigate what is happening at this scary voxel house and to find a key to his scary terrible evil secret!

Explore the huge blocky house and don’t get caught. Hide from the craft neighbor and escape from her. Reveal her terrible evil secret! Enter the pixel building and complete the different seek & hide missions.

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