Google suspends some business with Huawei after Trump blacklists it

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Google suspends some business with Huawei after Trump blacklists it

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Google has suspended Huawei’s access to Android, Play Store and Gmail services. US President Donald Trump’s administration officially added Huawei to a trade blacklist. Watch the video for more.

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27 thoughts

27 thoughts

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  1. Dare google to do that then is the most stupid company in world is Google!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This will only encourage them to make their own OS.

  3. Know your history. Espionage against the United States, be it military or corporate, is a serious concern. Huawei has it's spyware in everything, from network backbones to their smartphones that everyone gushes about. I'm actually surprised someone is taking our security seriously.

  4. J C said:

    sounds like a good plan.

  5. I have a hwawei honour 9 and live in the UK, will it effect me?

  6. This is the time to start building Made in the USA Cell Phones, Computer products and TVs.
    Once the Chinese market is cut off we will be BS up a stream without a paddle.
    I'm totally in favor of what Trump is doing, but Investors need to wake up and take advantage of this opportunity.

  7. What music is that playing? Who is that?

  8. Pan _ said:


  9. You think the Chinese really gaf?

  10. 90% of the goods that come out of China is junk crap, cheap or counterfeited and made by force child labor

  11. Smart move. Regardless of repercussions in international trade, the last thing we want is to make it easier for Xi Jinping to listen in on us.

  12. Don't huawei users have root access to their phones ? thru what mechanism can one enforce any of this ?

  13. frank ma said:

    Fuck the SB Trump and next time try to think it over and clearly when you are going to ban some businesses. This ban will not only make the USA know as an untrustworthy country but also will let the world know that they have to work hard against the USA or they will be treated as the same as they treated to China. Never and ever fucking and shit policy made by the president.

  14. Lots of chess pieces being moved all over the world today. Very interesting times

  15. GABZ ! said:

    I need some coochiequil after this

    edit: i just wanted a huawei phone man, why u gotta do this

  16. Ken Wong said:

    Huawei can survive with their own chip, own OS. Or focus in China market.

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