Free Fire Mod Apk 1.46.5 | Lag Fix / Fast Sensitivity / Highly Compressed Mode | Rank + AimPro |

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Free Fire Mod Apk 1.46.5 | Lag Fix / Fast Sensitivity / Highly Compressed Mode | Rank + AimPro |

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Free Fire New Version
1:-First Extract Obb File
2:-Copy 2 Android/Obb And Save
3:-Now Download Or Install Mod Apk
4:-Enjoy Your Mod Now.

@Credits To The Respective Owner.

🔺Pointet Speed Full
🔺Minimum Width 500-600
🔺Rank Aim Pro+++
🔺M4a1 AutoAim++
| Accuracy Without Scope |
Stuck Aim On Monster Trucks (While SWithout Scope)
🔺Scar Accuracy 65% While Crouching
🔺MP40 DAMAGE | RANAGE | FireRate++
35% Added To All.
🔺ShotGun M1014 Maximum Damage++
🔺Bag Capacity 30%
🔺Less Damage Inside Shrink
🔺Move Shooting Cursor Upward Side For HeadShots Chances
🔺HeadShots Rate Massively Improved
🔺HeadShots Aim Improved
🔺AutoAim While Firing Much Improved
🔺Sensitivity For All 90%
Red Dotx, 2x, 4x
🔺Slow Down Enemies Attack+++
🔺Scope Accuracy Improved +++
🔺Rank Quick Scope On Enemies
🔺Ak47 High Damage 70%
🔺Scar Accuracy 65% While Crouching
🔺M1014 Maximum Damage+++
🔺Rank HeadShots Improved
🔺AutoAim45% For AR ShotGuns
🔺Less Spread For M1014
🔺Ak47 Crouch To HeadShots Or BodyAim
🔺Rank Ak47 Reduce Recoil / Spread + 3-4 Straight Bullets
🔺Ak47 Bipod Aim Sensitivity (Crouch)
🔺Rank Less Damage Increased
🔺Rank Hard Body AutoAim (Light With Famas)
🔺Mini HeadShots (Short Range)
🔺No Scope Accuracy Improved
🔺Double Rate Of Fire In Rank
🔺P90 Accuracy 50%
| Headshots On Precise |
🔺Less Damage Taken By Headshots
🔺70% No Recoil
🔺Ak47 AutoAim On Monster + JEEP
(With Red Dotx Only) – Shoot & Leave.
🔺Scar Range++ ( AutoAim WithOut Scope)
🔺Dismiss Headshots From Enemies++
🔺Less Damage Inside Shrink
🔺Crouch To Aim ++
🔺AutoAim With 2x Scope Fire & Leave (But Don’t Use For Zoom & Zoom Out)
🔺Bipod Special (Use It In Place Of Forgrip)
🔺Use Bipod While Walking, Running & Crouching And Prone For Accuracy
🔺Rank Damage 80%
🔺Scar Crouch Aimbot Added
| Use Forgrip For Double Rate Of Fire |
🔺M1014 FireRate30% |
🔺Spas Accuracy++
Damage+ |
🔺For AutoHeadShots Move Aim Cursor Upward Side
🔺Rank SemiAimbot For Body Hitting
🔺Rank MP40 Damage++
🔺Rank M4a1 AutoAim Improved
(Default For Long Range / Precise On Scope For Medium)
🔺Full Aim Control On Enemies
🔺Armour 70%
🔺FireRate In Rank 30%
🔺Both Maps Bermuda & Purgatory
🔺Fast Scope
🔺Less Spray As Well
🔺Facebook/Vk Login Works
🔺Full Antiban 100%
🔺Much More New Features Coming Soon..!

:-Download This Apk + Obb File And Run..

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Mod Apk
Obb Link
Smart Launcher 3 🔴

☔ Enjoy ☔
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