EMUI 10 (Android Q) First Look on the Huawei P30 Pro

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EMUI 10 (Android Q) First Look on the Huawei P30 Pro

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While at the Huawei Developer Conference (HDC) in Dongguan, China, Huawei announced EMUI 10 based on Android Q. We got a chance to try out the new EMUI version on the Huawei P30 Pro. This is a beta release that will become available for users on September 8th.

XDA article with more details: https://www.xda-developers.com/emui-10-huawei-p30-pro-android-q-hands-on/

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40 thoughts

40 thoughts

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  1. M I T H said:

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  2. Hamza. H said:

    Looks like a cheap imitation of ONE UI . What can you expect from huawei .

  3. The UI style is horrible af… they need to redesign the launcher and icons.

  4. DK012013 said:

    Oh wow, this is, what you get, if you fuse OneUI, Stock Android & iOS with some own ideas.
    EMUI 9 looks/looked a bit more unique.

    The only thing, that sounds cool, is the Dark Mode for third party apps.

  5. If Harmony OS looks this good I'm definitely switching over.

  6. i dont understand why isnt all pitch black because of energy saving??

  7. Raffy said:

    This software has been brought to you by Samsu- oh.

  8. Personally, I really like the design of emui 10.

  9. Marciano Tech Cierra Sección

  10. safakytb said:

    Settings caption, searchbar, animations… Looks like iOS exactly. mix of iOS and OneUI

  11. 2xbam said:

    they have to change the appearance of the message icon .. it's disgusting..

  12. Im gonna stick with emui 9.1

  13. I can see they still haven't fixed the glitch where the dividing lines in the first party apps still do that weird thing idk how to explain

  14. More like Samsung OneUI indeed. But looks nice

  15. David said:

    This is a massive step up in terms of UI as far as I'm concerned, specially when it comes to Dark theme which is better than Google's shitty Grey themes on apps. I also like it that the Dark Theme is forced on third party apps, meaning Huawei is probably using the OMS that Google like a c*nt blocked on Pie to do what we were doing with Substratum.
    Hopefully they open the theme engine to developers so that Themes from the Huawei store can take advantage of that as well.

    I just hope we can theme the quick settings tray though, 'cause that iPhone-esque transparency looks just horrible.

  16. KeonXD said:

    One thing that OneUI need is fluid animations when you close the app, I always find it boring when swipe up to close the app when other manufacturers have that feature

  17. Titus said:

    Most of the changes (icons, gestures, camera) were already present in EMUI 9.1
    The only thing that is really new is the third-party dark theme.

  18. Everything is copied exactly from Samsung.

  19. I got rid of my Mate 20 Pro as I loved the hardware and general functionality, but absolutely hated the software clutter and esthetics. Now as this seems to look a lot like a merger between One UI and Oxygen OS (that animation!) I will be tempted to buy some discounted Mate 20 Pro as a backup to my OP7P. Thanks for the hands on!

  20. sylexx said:

    Can you swipe down on the Homescreen for notifications?

  21. tzet said:

    Why are the animations so slow?

  22. It's very similar to MIUI 10

  23. Will the new always on display option for clock move the clock so it will not cause screen burn in?

  24. Same launcher, same icons. The changes they made aren't really a big deal.

  25. I think thats all features looks like the same and exsist in samsung operating system

  26. Thought they were going for their OS

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