Doug Ford reverses cuts to municipal funding | Power & Politics

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Doug Ford reverses cuts to municipal funding | Power & Politics

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Premier Doug Ford reversed this year’s municipal funding cuts for things like child care and public health, after weeks of outcry from mayors across Ontario.
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21 thoughts

21 thoughts

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  1. The Torontonians should stand and fight back against ford

  2. The last thing Ontario needs is more cuts to public services. Mini-Trump needs to go!

  3. Privatize the beer stores, Registries, jails etc. . . . Get rid of cupe and their STRANGLEHOLD on some public services

  4. M M said:

    People got to get up & fight back but you'll can't caz NWO wait there is what wrong just my opinion

  5. Ontario has massive debt. Only a few solutions I see. (1) raise tax (2) cut services (3) continue course with how Kathleen Wynne spent our money. None of these options look good.

  6. Jon M said:

    What a disaster

  7. N Sa said:

    CONs parties (Haper, Harris, Ford..,Bush,Trump..etc) Fundamental problem's been their AGENDA of giving Tax breaks to Ultra Rich Masters at our, 98+% high payroll tax payers, Expense i.e, Our payroll & other tax moneys that's meant for our Schools, Hosptls, Social, Roads, Enviro, Foods etc,etc protection, maintenance, improvement now being Transferred in several significnt Billion$ as Tax breaks to already lower Tax paying( but high users of Most roads, trains, ports + Poluters of water, air lands & more…) 0.01% ultra rich Masters (+ top 1%) & doing this make deficit balloons by billions, then CONs start the Cuts& Slashes to our 98+% people's essential programs & services in every budget CONs put through, as DrugFord/ Fidelli did do, they gave 4+ Billons Capital Coast allowance expedition + .5B benefitting their rich Masters + politicians themselves & causing near 4.5B loss of revenue+ deficit increase, then started the cuts& slashes of Average high tax payers & poors' programs, As Harper, Kenny, Harris, Bush,Trump did calling it efficiency etc B.S

  8. This guy would sell illegal drugs if it meant more money for him. Oh wait, he did all through school!

  9. they complain about the cuts then complain about ford reversing the cuts, sounds like they want it both ways and no way, fords a far better leader then given credit for, to change course because of the wants of the people is impressive, wynne wouldnt have never changed her mind on anything no matter who was against it.

  10. Previous Liberals are disgusting to selling out Ontarians' future resource with All corrupt News Anchors Here!

  11. Doug Ford has to be careful so he has pulled back.  He didn't want to show the Conservative austerity tactics before the federal election.  Plus their was an uproar from the public.  Good.

  12. Ford is full of BS he claims to respect the use of tax payers money but yet they are willing to back out of a 10 years contract with the beer store, this will be a expensive.

  13. This is EXACTLY what is going to happen AGAIN, when mr. trudeau and his Incompetent liberals are finally VOTED OUT in October.
    Whichever party succeeds them, is going to be Saddled with a HUGE DEFICIT and where is ALL THAT MISSING MONEY going to come from????
    we the single taxpayer.

  14. 40 million a day…..on Ontario debt interest. That's from insane unsustainable spending of former governments even after increased taxes…….shameful and irresponsible.
    Mr Ford is doing what should have done long ago before we had this huge debt burden. The ones who are in favour of this reckless spending would only be passing this burden onto future generations but don't seem care that they are stealing their opportunity for prosperity……..sad

  15. A small victory for Ontario citizens!We must be in the know and keep the pressure against the government anytime they try to pull one passed us.

  16. Ford has to clean up Wynne’s mess. Hang in there people. Ralph Klein had to do this in Alberta. He was the best Premier ever in Alberta. It only hurts for a while. Then it awesome. He’s heading in the right direction. Please trust him.

  17. Lying Drug Ford Government.

  18. If people keep their jobs and other get jobs they will vote for you. People do not care about which party they vote for as long as bread and butter needs are met. Leave Beer store as is and unions. Do not hurt left leaning people be objective not subjective. we love you, but cuts hurt sincere people who need a job. Joe Cressy and Mr. Tory are good people as you are a good person. The deficits are world wide problems to bring in a different political system every 430 to 500 years. Global restructuring is happening . Be gentle for your good, we love all stripes.Do not stress workers so they quit . Love you.

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