Cory Booker 2020: New Jersey senator reveals plan to curb gun violence

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Cory Booker 2020: New Jersey senator reveals plan to curb gun violence

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Sen. Cory Booker is a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination. On Monday Booker unveiled his new plan to prevent gun violence in the U.S. It calls for a national gun licensing program to keep guns out of the wrong hands. His plan would also ban assault rifles, limit handgun purchases to one a month, and close loopholes that allow abusive partners to buy a gun. As part of the Road to 2020, Booker joins “CBS This Morning” to reveal the details of his plan. He also comments on the Trump administration’s plan to send a U.S. aircraft carrier and a bomber task force to areas closer to Iran.

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36 thoughts

36 thoughts

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  1. He's the fastest goob in the swamp. Heel Farticus.

  2. Booker should hang out in a mens restroom. He's more popular there.

  3. and NONE of his "common Sense" ideas have anything to do with preventing criminals. What a joke. Supposedly, the dems etc.. all started with the propoganda of preventing criminals getting firearms which all of us law abiding are for, but to date, not 1 single law they try to establish or talk about, does anything against criminals, just the law abiding to disarm so we cant prevnet a tyranical goverment.

  4. Just send sparticus to the middle East. He'll fix the problem.
    Well…as soon as he gets the details…

  5. this guy is a liberal fool. no chance of getting elected.

  6. AR stands for Armalite Rifle. Educate yourself.

  7. Lol, all the democrats have been practicing Obama hands. If they put that time into reading the constitution and bill of rights they would have a platform.

  8. Here's an idea, ban Democrat mayors in our worst cities. Let's start there.

  9. Spartacus wants to make us slaves.

    That's not how that story is supposed to go.

  10. Hello said:

    National registry? What is next? Confiscation?

  11. All politician are untrustworthy, they are nothing more than snake oil salesman , licensing is nothing more than a revenue resource to our constitutional right, trying to turn a right into a privilege don't think so 🗽

  12. Too bad these sheep feeders dont want to call him out. They too perpetuate the loony left agenda. 2020 will be a statement to all of them. Cant wait to hear their next fake collusion story. Its past time to wake up sheep!

  13. Federal Gun Control Law – First Draft

    1) Ownership, use and transportation of firearms.
    a). All firearms must be registered and licensed by each individual state. No magazines having more than 10 rounds before reloading are permitted except if stored in a locked, secure area on a Firing range or on private property.
    2) a) Registered and Licensed Rifles and Handguns and ammunition are legal to own and be transported by any citizen of the United States unless prohibited by law (for example: Mentally Ill, Convicted Felon, subject to any PFA order, etc.). A bona fide License must be kept on the person at all times while transporting or using any firearm. (Bona fide license refers to Hunting licenses, certain authorized “carry” licenses, etc.)
    b) Transportation of firearms for the legal purposes of Hunting, Target Practice, Employment, Sale or for repairs. Any and all legally owned firearms and ammunition may be transported in any motor vehicle for any legal purpose. Firearms in transit must be unloaded and not stored in the cabin of any vehicle at any time. Storage must be in a secure compartment such as the trunk or locked tool storage box. (If your vehicle doesn't have a separate storage area, drive a different vehicle)
    3) a) Stop and frisk. Any law enforcement officer may stop and frisk any and all persons SUSPECTED of carrying or transporting any firearm that is not in conformance with this law.
    b) Penalties. First offense: 1 to 3 years in Federal prison.
    Second offense: 3 to 5 years in Federal prison
    Third offense: 10 years minimum in Federal prison
    Sentences are mandatory and not subject to judicial discretion.
    If illegal firearm(s) were being transported in a vehicle, vehicle will be confiscated.
    If the firearm(s) were being transported in a vehicle having other passengers, all such passengers, who know or should have known, that a gun was in the cabin will be sentenced to pay a $1000.00 fine. (Need to change this, but for now, I'll leave it as is)
    No carrying or transportation of firearms except as outlined above is permitted.
    NOTE: Spare me the Constitutional objections, we can address those once we have reached a consensus on a law. Comment on the context as you like.

  14. Is he looking for another Spartacus moment again. This is the same guy that was willing to leak information that was already de-classified now running for president.

  15. Corey Booker is whiter than white people.

  16. Take a good look Americans these Democrats if they get office they will take your rights away you see what they're doing with YouTube Facebook Instagram Twitter you see what they're doing to video games just think about it if you don't vote for Trump in 2020 you will lose everything your rights to hold arms you'll be paying way more in taxes you'll be supporting programs that are pointless and support the lazy motherfuckers who don't want to take care of their responsibilities and most disturbing if Democrats get in office they will allow illegal scam to coming to your city your state and trash it we have enough problems here but if Democrats getting office we're just going to have even more problems

  17. Where are these anti-American people coming from ? And who really is voting them in the office?
    Trump 🇺🇸 MAGA 2020! Democrats just lost me as a voter ! Wow you people did move too far to the left !

  18. alex M said:

    126 dislikes vs 6 likes I think this is a clear indication that people dont like Booker

  19. Haven't watched the video, but lemme guess, it has something to do with Gun confiscation and Restrictions.

  20. Registration. Confiscation. Genocide. Cool story, bro. Good thing it will never happen because you'll never be POTUS. Never.

  21. Zx 1oo said:


  22. R E said:

    He has 0 chance to be the nominee for president.

  23. He just wants to take the guns away from citizens so we are defenseless against criminals you stupid socialist Pig leftist coward Democrats better wake up !!!!!

  24. " Assault rifle attack " tell us more kiddo!

  25. This is why I carry a gun

  26. dane w said:

    Ummm yes, legal gun owners should be worried. I own what some may consider a assault rifle. It ten shot 22 caliber. To law makers the may consider a assault rifle. Also how about not let the family of murders or potential murders who get shot dead. Stop themm from suing

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