Claw Control – All About Android 415

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Claw Control – All About Android 415

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LG G8 ThinQ, Xiaomi Mi 9, Android Q Beta 2
— Florence Ion reviews the LG G8 ThinQ
— Joshua Vergara goes hands-on with the Black Shark 2 gaming phone
— Hands-on with the Xiaomi Mi 9
— More new features in the Android Q Beta 2 update
— Qualcomm announces two new midrange chips, the Snapdragon 665 and 730
— Snapchat releases an entirely rebuilt Android app and it may be too late
— Assistant and Android TV are showing sponsored ads and people aren’t happy
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— Jason – Calendar Notify (FREE/$3.49)
— Joshua – Turo (Free App/Car Rental Service)
— Flo – The Elder Scrolls: Blades (Free/IAP)
— This Week’s Poll

Hosts: Jason Howell, Florence Ion
Guest: Joshua Vergara

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