Citra 3DS emulator on android – news update – up to a YEAR WTF!

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Citra 3DS emulator on android – news update – up to a YEAR WTF!

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Hi there and welcome back to another video in which I discuss the topic of the official version of citra 3DS emulator on android.

I am hearing that the official version is missing the citra core and that if it had been released as beta no games would work.

You would think now with citra working on windows that it would be working on android but because it’s missing the main citra core it looks like it could take up to a year – hopefully not – but I will continue checking and maybe in the near future a official or unofficial version is released.

Citra 3DS emulator apk download –

3ds games download –

Moonlight apk – Google play

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4 thoughts

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  1. They didn't even want to port it to android so stop being so entitled. You're lucky they are going to do it all

  2. So I Will Wait For A YEAR? Thats A Long Time!!! I Hope Its Worth Tho

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