Challenges to Canada's Arctic sovereignty

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Challenges to Canada's Arctic sovereignty

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A new report by the standing committee on foreign affairs and international development identifies climate change, a shortage of infrastructure and a lack of respect for the rights of Indigenous peoples as challenges facing Canada’s Arctic sovereignty. The report also points to Russia’s growing military presence and China’s global ambitions as threats.

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30 thoughts

30 thoughts

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  1. when russia builds bases and ports in artic it ruins Environment and is threat , while If canada plans or build its all about Sovereignty of canada, Hypocrisy at its best.
    Long Live Russia.

  2. S Gill said:

    Canada is so behind. Too busy bickering in Parliament. We should have a base, airstrip, port, oil exploration and at least half dozen ice breakers.

  3. Dorktoys said:

    Develop shipping channels wherever they make sense. Enough warming and maybe the fish will be up there too.

  4. Unite the NATO Artic Countries border together to oppose Russia & China.

  5. Artic in Canada to the defence in commonwealth to allie.

  6. Si_14 said:

    With the up-coming elections it's imperative that candidates really address this issue… it should be an important area of concern for all parties. It's about damn time we insert our dominance in OUR Sovereignty.

  7. Si_14 said:

    When will Canada start defending it's rightful borders! We need a leader that takes this issue seriously.. the Arctic has always been ours!

  8. S Dog said:

    man-made global warming – pseudo science/religion – keep your religion out of my pocketbook – you wackos are worse than flying spaghetti monster worshipers…..

  9. Heyy Now said:

    Canada couldn't defend itself from a Troop of Girl Scouts!

  10. Dermy said:

    Russia has been trying to talk to you co/ksuckers for Years.

  11. The arctic is none of China's business. The Arctic concerns the U.S., Canada, Norway, Russia and Greenland/Denmark.

  12. If only Canada had a formidable military to defend our interests. The Russians are laughing.

  13. Canada should spend money for military

  14. Ice not melting. Stop with the climate change hoax.

  15. Surprise, I was expecting the usual CBC anti-Russian hysteria. Russia is doing what Canada should have been doing a long time ago. Building arctic bases and icebreakers. Political dithering, corruption, and red-tape have kept many projects on the back-burner.

  16. Lollllll
    Suck it up Canada Australia could invade and take over Canada in a week.
    Hit that two percent of GDP on defence yet ?????

  17. Only one plane can do it, avro arrow!

  18. Sergey C said:

    Russia would be much better partner for Canada.

  19. Canada does amount to a hill of beans on the world stage. Russia is going to make Canada bend over—capiche?

  20. Before going to Arctic try to cop wild fires accross the country in the summer.

  21. 1974 pierre trudeau destroyed sovereignty by destroying bank of canada. Victoria grant

  22. The governments of today and yore have subjugated the natives to the north and left them to languish. get them the infrastructure they need and people with go there. give it 10 years and we will see condos up there. the climate with support it.

  23. 1. Nuke the Kremlin
    2. Tax the billionaires
    3. Add two Canadian NHL teams

  24. Canadian arctic is full of ice. Only ice breakers can cross the north west passage, So quit the alarmism.

  25. We did a story on new Rissian bases and have drone footage in it, just click the Icon, Thanx CBC good reporting on things that matter to Canadians

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