CDC warns consumers to stop smoking e-cigarettes after lung illnesses rise

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CDC warns consumers to stop smoking e-cigarettes after lung illnesses rise

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The Centers for Disease Control is warning people to stop using e-cigarettes, after the number of possible cases of vaping-related lung illnesses has more than doubled in a month. Currently, there are more than 450 possible cases in 33 states, and health officials say at least five deaths are likely linked to vaping. Dr. Jon LaPook joins “CBS This Morning Saturday” to discuss the cases.

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23 thoughts

23 thoughts

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  1. But cigarettes are still being sold……

  2. b c said:


  3. Make sure you smoke real carts I smoked fakes and had a heart murmur

  4. A. Knight said:


  5. Bcup Stu said:

    Truth is we don't know how vaping will effect the body long term. It hasn't been around long enough. Who knows what health problems it could cause after 30 years of vaping.

  6. i am he. said:

    These kids be smoking fake carts that’s why this is happening. If you been buying fake carts STOP NOW!

  7. Lung illness? Is that a medical diognoses ? Lol Even if this is true, people wont bellieve this because the tobacco industry has killed millions by adding extra arsinic to their tobacco killing millions of people!! This video has not proven which specific brands has killed people! Youll have to show real scientific proof before people start to believe this crap! #Liars #MoneyTrain

  8. So something that kills you quickly is really really bad, but regular cigarettes that take 10+ years to give you cancer, hey, that's just an adult choice.

  9. Hits vape while watching this!!

  10. AR_119 said:

    Or just stop smoking/ inhaling stuff? Just an idea 😆

  11. In other news….. 100,000 patients have cancer from cigarettes. Shut up and let them choose their poison.

  12. so can i smoke my sourin air ?? Lmfaoooooo

  13. Jon 710 said:

    I believe this. I had to stop after vaping for 4 years I started feeling like I forgot how to breathe sometimes and I will often wake up gasping for air And coughing up mucus. I’m 21 and I recently stopped vaping. My lungs literally felt like I was drowning
    I was skeptical at first but you’ll be a believer once you start wheezing and taking 1 second breathes

  14. Big Tobacco is working hard to push this story 😂😂

  15. You bloody morons! Stop blaming big tobacco! You're all like a cult! This is propagated by big PHARMA. There is a difference. If they can scare you away from VAPING, they get KICKBACKS FROM ANTI-SMOKING DRUGS like Chantix, Wellbutrin, etc etc… If they don't work, you panic and get depressed from your "addiction" and they can bank money off selling scripts for anxiety & depression. ANYTHING to get you away from something they CAN'T MAKE MONEY OFF OF. This "NEWS" comes from CDC & CDC is getting it from "DOCTORS" who are losing MILLIONS after the Chantix and all other anti-nicotine drugs took a crap! WAKE UP. THIS IS NOT CAUSED BY BIG TOBACCO. IT'S YOUR OWN DAMN DOCTORS. Think about it! What happens if kids quit vaping tomorrow?? Anxiety, depression = more MEDS shoved down their throats. Go back to cigarettes?? More money off inhalers, CT-scans, x-rays, asthma attacks, bronchitis, etc etc etc… GEEZ. THIS IS A NO BRAINER.

  16. I knew it! "The healthy alternative " to smoking?? Yea no such thing, I'd rather smoke the real ones.

  17. Love how it took this long for people to realize something that should be common sense

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