CDC urges halt to vaping as it probes possible links to deaths

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CDC urges halt to vaping as it probes possible links to deaths


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is asking people to stop vaping, as it investigates a fifth death potentially linked to e-cigarettes. The number of cases of severe lung illness possibly caused by vaping has surged to more than 450 in 33 states. Dr. Tara Narula introduces us to the parents of a Colorado college freshman who say vaping nearly took their daughter’s life.

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31 thoughts

31 thoughts

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  1. mad max said:

    Try this, do not vape oil based products, that is bad on the lungs, these automize they don't burn, I dyi my own juice I breath better since I started vaping and quit cigarettes, learn about vaping before you criticize or use a vape, one more time do not vape oil based products, they have purer forms of vaping THC ect…dont blame vaping it's what people have been putting in them, I know this is agenda, and I do know that cigarette smoking kills almost half a million people every year.😐

  2. x ATJS x said:

    So your daughter was vaping for two years and its only a problem when she starts juuling? Hmm natural selection.

  3. CDC cautions people not to poke themselves in the eye with a sharp stick. This may impair your vision.


  5. Tom F said:

    Blaming these deaths on vaping is like blaming the cup that the person drank poison from.

  6. Silo said:

    serious question, i'm british and have been vaping for 3 years after using it as a tool to stop smoking… I feel better, can breathe better.
    in the uk all these American horror stories are everywhere at the moment, is vaping bad for your health or are all you americans chasing the next trendiest high and not using vaping products as intended? there hasn't been one instance of this occurring in the u.k, whats the truth?

  7. Mr. Aziz said:

    why Media never mention they have been using THC !!!!!!!!!!!
    and why they reported vaping death related in America only?

  8. No Scope said:

    Just smoke cigarettes because it’s a lot healthier

  9. This is illegal street drug dealers cutting THC vape juice with vitamin E, and kids like Pipper not being honest about their weed addiction. Stop vaping vitamin E.

  10. htc guy said:

    foreign substance put in lung = not safe, and these ”people taking up vaping habits" made their decision to do so. what they have to address is the rest of us who have the RIGHT TO CLEAN AIR for us and for our children!

  11. How many people died from legal alcohol and smoking this week? Where’s that story? It’s illegal for teenagers. Who’s selling these illegally to teenagers? That’s the question.

  12. The misinformation on the media about vaping has gone from nuts to outright disturbing. If I can’t trust y’all on this one easy thing which is easy to verify how can I trust y’all on proper journalism at home or abroad

  13. Amazingly simple> Look at how deeply dopes vape compared to cigarettes. How stupid are you to inhale the same amount of an entire cigarette in a single vape.

  14. It’s always funny to see the amount of dislikes and bias towards anything that questions the safety of vaping. Nicotine addicted fiends from all over always have an excuse and a reason to defend their addictions.

  15. Stxdios said:

    Who’s vaping while watching this?

  16. M Detlef said:

    Or COURSE Juul TARGETED kids. They want EVERYONE to BUY their product. He’s LYING!!!!!

  17. M Detlef said:

    LET them vape. LET the. DIE!!! They ONLY vape to BE defiant!!!! IDIOTS!!!

  18. Half a million people die every year from added carcinogens in cigarettes put there by manufacturers and allowed by Congress…pathetic!

  19. …and all pushed by big tobacco.

  20. there is a link to cigarettes and dying too that seems hypocritical imo

  21. Anyone notice how the word Nicotine never came up in this video clip yet THC did. From a few facts I've heard THC was only found in a mynute percentage of these cases as the cause. More than likely though that was a ingredient added to the THC concentrate to make it more viscous. Glycol was a common additive which from my experience is unhealthy. I just think it's pathetic they have the nerve to bring up THC but not mention nicotine.? Another great example of huge profiting companies killing people and acting like they don't understand why and the government taking the lead for regulations and taking more than their sweet time to spend all that money they got from companies like juul most likely Peace and love to all

  22. I'm vaping while watching this ridiculous, fear mongering piece while having pornographic sex….

  23. Parents who come forward ALWAYS blame the company, but she chose to use them just to look trendy, when ALL of this information was available when they first started gaining traction in 2009. What actually happened is you weren't keeping up with the times to teach your daughter the known for almost a decade problem with vaping. I tried them to quit smoking and could tell after one pod that they were absorbed differently and made me cough. Your kid was probably into so much crap she couldn't tell she was having a medical issue…because this happens slowly over time. Why dont you take responsibility and make her responsible for her purchase. Nobody felt sorry for smokers who suddenly realized cigs were bad and babies them for their choice, stop babying.

    Maybe if she knew what taking responsibility was she never wouldve tried, or wouldve stopped when it first made her sick. You just wanted on tv.

  24. Before: Smoke is for cool kids
    After: I will never vape again, its not worth it.

  25. What are these kids doing that's so different? These deaths sre all youngsters are they adding something or what?

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