BLU G9 – The $130 Android Phone

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BLU G9 – The $130 Android Phone

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BLU G9 – The $130 Android Phone
Buy it here for $130 while supplies last, retail price $180

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26 thoughts

26 thoughts

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  1. Good to be back with you Flossy. Thanks for the unboxing Blu G9 phone. You always do great depth videos. I love the detail camera views. Added accessories Blu includes. Android 9 ✊😸

  2. Alvin d said:

    Not perfect but better than Apple expensive as hell phone! Lol

  3. Been watching a lot of different phone/tech reviewers, and yours has a good ass honest feel to it,……. definitely subscribing bub' (thanks for the review'!)

  4. This is a dope phone for 130 or 170 its really putting in that work for the price. Ones again I appreciate the video.

  5. Portrait mode on a 130 dollar phone lolol 😂

  6. Apple: £1000 for a phone with a gigantic notch
    BLU: £100 for a phone with a notch 10X smaller and with more settings features


  7. Orrin said:

    $130 phone does split screen multitasking. $1,200 Xs Max….

  8. Esteban said:

    Sure 130 d phone😒

  9. Man Blu phones really upgrading

  10. Hai D said:


  11. You get 2x more likes because of the cat, not the phone 😀

  12. So basically it's a better version of my Samsung galaxy S9

  13. Dayyyyyyyum!!! 52mp! Finger print scanner! Wtf! Waaaaaou!! WAAAAOU!😲

  14. If you are afraid of Chinese Phones then you should be more concerned about JEWISH BLU FROM FLORIDA 😈😈😈😈😈

  15. IM looking to get a new phone for my daughter is the Blu G9 better than the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7?  They cost about the same and it seems those are your best budget phone so far this year or do you have another recommendation?

  16. Aye flossy how do you feel about the umidigi f1phone

  17. Youtube on the top… Apple on the bottom…….. Yeah…..yeah that suits me fine.

  18. Good review on this budget phone. Perfect for a $ 180.00 bucks.

  19. wINdY said:

    Awesome review Floss, please keep these budget cell phone review coming.

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