Billy Bush says he isn't angry at Trump over Access Hollywood tape: "He was being him"

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Billy Bush says he isn't angry at Trump over Access Hollywood tape: "He was being him"

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Billy Bush is back on television as the new host of the entertainment show, “Extra.” His return comes three years after he was suddenly fired, after a 2005 Access Hollywood tape was released showing Bush and Donald Trump engaging in a lewd conversation about women. In a network exclusive, Gayle King went to Burbank Studios in California, where Bush showed her how he’s approaching this opportunity with a new perspective.

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29 thoughts

29 thoughts

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  1. Why does Billy Bush need a second chance? I'm sure there's plenty of people out there who deserve a first chance & are completely capable of dishing about the Kardashians and interviewing C list celebrities. 🙄

  2. This clown has learned one damn thing except he thinks it's all about him . When he came out the bus and said nothing to his colleague as Ftrump hug her that's what I remember. Tell me something did you ever apology to her ? Or any of the women that you work with ? Sorry is sorry words ! 👏

  3. Eric x said:

    You shouldn’t lose your job because some people are triggered.

  4. Why is she talking to him this long??

  5. callyod said:

    billy bush didn't do anything, any idiot who listened to that tape can tell that Billy didn't say anything inappropriate on that tape, Trump was the one who did everything, this just shows how hypothetical the "cancel culture" and the "me too" movement is, they pick and choose who to cancel!!!! #smh

  6. I am wondering why Billy Bush got the bulk of the backlash for this. It affected his life a great deal, yet the misogynist DT gets nothing?? I do not get it.

  7. Who gives a hoot? Second debate started with this tape. Ended with "isn't it nice that TRUMP doesn't control the law?" — "Because you'd be in jail."

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  10. shame on you all, to hear billy get a second chance when men/woman of color don't get a 1st chance. Really a woman can't hose E!

  11. Trump is not responsible or need to babysit Billy Bush. Find better story, Gayle King

  12. Bully Bush, I feel your pain! It was a different time! What appears to be entertaining turned out to be biggest mistake of your career. This all would have never happened if Donald Trump never became President! It would have been just another entertainment! We were all insensitive back then and didn't think it would all lead to this pain and maddness in this country!

  13. I'm glad he's back. He learned and I think over paid.

  14. He was low but got 10 million dollars. White people have a different idea of what "low" is.

  15. Scott said:

    Billy Bush says he didn't really HEAR Trumps remark?? You can hear him laughing after Trump says it. smh

  16. Ted Z said:

    In another life, Bush would've been a value investor

  17. I always liked Billy Bush's presentations on TV. He had/has a way of looking at the upside of life and a lot of us have bad news fatigue. The one thing I didn't like so much about him was that he appeared to be a person who had never known a hardship and so that kept him from maturing. However, now he has meet with hardship to the max, but he's turned things around and I think he will be better than ever. Also, didn't like that he was fired by men who, in some cases, probably did far worse things than he did….. they just have not been caught….. well, yet. So, good on Billy Bush. You can't just destroy people to make your self look good.

  18. he should be fired and trump shouldn't have been a president.. after all Billy Bush enjoyed trump's locker room talk… he didn't stand up to those disgusting words trump threw at him.. they both were enjoying the conversation. he is not a victim. the women whom Trump grabbed the vagina and the girls Trump stares at the changing room were the only victims in this tragedy…

  19. MLO said:

    His White privilege wasn't missed 😉

  20. Billy Bush shouldn't been fired in the first place Donald Trump talking about grabbing woman's p***y and he's the president now what a joke..

  21. This happens all the time when you have a group of men. Most guys just go along with it so the guys won't think their gay or a freak. They're really put in an awkward position. They may even feel uncomfortable talking about it. People like Trump are usually the ones to bring it up first. Like he told Epstein, "we both love women on the young side".

  22. ♥ Renewal; second breath
    ☺ Teach

  23. Josue2018 said:

    Just confirms what a lightweight Gayle king is as an interviewer and reporter. nothing tough. Softball. Billy is still his cocky self.

  24. Who care 👎👎👎👎👎😏😎

  25. I always thought Billy Bush got the unfair end of the stick and chastised for “guilty by association”

  26. I don't know 1 person who cares either way about the Billy Bush thing.

  27. White privilege written all over his face and with every syllable he utters. He was wrong with his "locker-room talk" back n 2005 and he hasn't grown up yet–he's still a man boy like the Pus*y-Grabbing POTUS he interviewed for Access Hollywood.

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