Betting on royal baby names

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Betting on royal baby names

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The first child for Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, is due any day now and there’s plenty of speculation, and betting, around what the newest royal will be named.
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34 thoughts

34 thoughts

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  1. Mark AD said:

    john or anna, plain and simple! next !

  2. Mark AD said:

    is this news worthy???????????

  3. Toby T said:


  4. for people who don't care why do you care so much to make a post…me thinkth you protest too

  5. I feel very bad for this baby. Veganism + gender identity politics = one screwed up kid.

  6. call it Lizzy – since its dad is a lizard person

  7. They should name it Luke or Jasper

  8. Tyrone, Shauniqua, Jumaul, Mohammed. Probably Mohammed. Let's go with Mohammed for a boy and Aisha for a girl. Peace be upon them.

  9. Mr. Pink said:

    No one cares what this hood rat names her "keep a royal baby".

  10. Any update on notre dame, how about tell your audience about the 2016 event

  11. Y'all hideing the real news with this rubbage

  12. B-Rad said:

    Yoshi, Iggy, Godzilla, Spyro, Geico, Hyra, Kraken….

  13. P L said:

    no one cares!!
    "Royalty" died when they murdered Lady Diana.
    either of her two kids did NOTHING!!!………they just accepted it.

  14. JB 123 said:

    Betting on unborn baby?
    What a disgusting media you are?

  15. mhffc said:

    Parasite would work….

  16. pop pop said:

    Did she have hre baby

  17. They are going to raise their child to be a weirdo aren’t they. Not a boy or a girl just some king of mental illness in the making baby. Or did the queen really step in and put her foot down on that nasty child abuse way of raising a child.?

  18. regal163 said:

    I think the public should pick there names, after all we are paying for its upkeep in the lap of luxury for the rest of its life, personally I think that its initials should be ATB, Another Tax Burden.

  19. Barry would be nice if its a boy. Vera if it's a girl

  20. you got nothing better to do………………..seriously

  21. GADCL4 said:

    Hopefully the bastard takes after the mother's side. Not that Meghan is good looking or anything. It's just no-one wants it looking like Harry's dad, James Hewitt.

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